Mongoose tracking safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mongoose tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mongoose Tracking Safaris In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mongoose tracking safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park: This park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda for a number of activities. The park was gazette in 1952 making it be one of the oldest national parks in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the southwest of Uganda sharing districts of Kasese, Rukungiri, Rubirizi, and Kamwenge and the park covers an area of 1978 sq. km. queen Elizabeth national park is well known for tree-climbing lions found in Ishasha sector in the southern sector of the park and is an habitant of so many wildlife such as elephants, hippos, warthogs, Uganda kobs among others.

About mongoose tracking safaris in Uganda: Banded mongoose is a small mammal with large heads, small ears, and long tails that are as long as their whole body. They have strong claws used to dig burrows and also defend themselves. Mongoose are small animals in size like small cats and an adult mongoose weighs about 1.5 – 2.25 kgs and they live in groups of 20 individuals and they sleep together at night.

Mongoose trekking in Queen Elizabeth national park is done from Mweya peninsular near the Kazinga channel and is done on foot with guides and researchers. Mweya peninsular has over 400 banded mongooses which are grouped into 12 groups and a maximum of 4 people is allowed to track mongoose as they move along trails with researchers tracking the banded mongoose

During banded mongoose tracking you will learn about them, monitor their behaviors, surrounding habits, and learn how to identify females from males and your observations will be added to the researchers’ database. Few people are allowed to track mongoose to reduce the stress of these mongooses and increase visitors’ experience.

Tracking banded mongoose can either be done early at 7 am or late evening though it’s done best in the morning. While at Mweya peninsular you will have a clear view of the Kazinga channel which joins Lake George and Lake Edward, animals such as elephants, leopards, buffaloes and bird species, etc.

Cost Of Mongoose Tracking In Queen Elizabeth National Park:

In Queen Elizabeth national park, banded mongoose tracking costs USD 30 for foreign residents and foreign nonresidents while east Africans pay UGX 30,000. Booking and reservations for banded mongoose trekking are done at the visitors’ information center in Mweya. Mongoose tracking can be combined with activities such as boat cruise, day game drive, night game drive, nature walks among others.

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