Maramagambo Forest In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mararamago forest offers many spectacular activities including forest guided nature walks and tracing the Crater Lake

Maramagambo Forest In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Maramagambo forest is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Maramagambo forest has more spices to add to any traveler’s safari experience with the most fascinating and loved destination being the bat caves costing of various bats and the resident African rock python.

Mararamago forest offers many spectacular activities including forest guided nature walks, tracing the Crater Lake, the forest also boasts many primate’s species such as olive monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, white colobus monkey, black colobus monkey, bush babies among other species of interest.

Birders also find their haven in Maramagambo forest with the forest boasting various bird species including the breasted waxbill, dark capped yellow warbler, and African grey pigeon among others. A one and a half trek through the Maramagambo forest bring the birders closer to the great Rwenzori Turaco, flycatchers, alongside numerous types of butterflies and the column watching soldier ants. Monkeys will always be seen grooming each other or having a siesta at the spectacular green canopies of the forest.

Maramagambo forest is bordered by two magnificent crater lakes which are named Kyakasanduka Crater Lake and Nyamusingiri Crater Lake with kayaking activities being conducted at Kyakasanduka Crater Lake.

Maramagambo forest also features a population of intelligent chimpanzees that are close to human beings in terms of their behaviors and their DNA and the rare Bates pygmy antelope. The forest is very ideal for nature walks in a move to have a clear vision of fine-looking and spectacular crater lakes.

The bat cave is an outstanding sport in the forest crowded by hundreds of bats and has got a safari viewing platform outside to keep you far from any infection. The nature stride in the jungle can be superlative for walkers and hiking through the canopy shaded trajectories that offers you with unique ecological feeling.

Though not widely recognized by visitors, chimpanzee tracking is also another very important activity in Maramagambo Forest that grants you that captivating experience that you have been looking for in the wildness of African or Ugandan forests or jungles.

It is only in the Mararmambo forest area that one can encounter the blue lakes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and the adventurous Kayak on the Kyasanduka and Nyamusingiri craters can reward you with unforgettable experiences while at the Maramagambo forest.

Therefore if you want a nice place where you go classic nature walks and hiking safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park, look out for Maramagambo forest which can reward you with a golden chance to encounter its natural wonders.

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