Luxury sport fishing safaris

Preparing for your fishing safari is fine form and this will give you a great fishing expedition

Luxury Fishing Tours And Safaris In Uganda

Are you looking for the best luxury sport fishing tours and safaris in Africa? Uganda has been on record for successfully registering a huge number of Nile perch fish from River Nile and it runs via Murchison falls in the northwestern parts of Uganda. This has called a lot of Anglers to come to the bottom of Murchison falls to present their angling skills as they are trying to hunt the huge giant Nile Perch.

Fishing is known as a rough sport in Uganda but it has now been made more comfortable for the various fishermen and they will always be treated to our luxury fishing safari. The Anglers will be escorted by a professional fishing guide and you will be offered fishing gillie services and a luxury boat.

Fishing safari always takes you to a certain Island on Lake Victoria and you will be able to enjoy beach life and fishing as you are heading to Murchison falls and there are luxury lodges where you can stay during your fishing safari. We like using lodges that are close to the jetty and those that offer ice as cold drinks in the hot heat of the day and this will be so wonderful for your fishing safari.

What to expect about the Luxury sport fishing tours and safaris in Uganda

Preparing for your fishing safari is fine form and this will give you a great fishing expedition which begins from your office whereby you are provided with small details on the things that you need to come with and the time best to come before booking your luxury fishing safari.

The mode of sport fishing boats- We offer the best boats that will provide you with comfort as your fishing on River Nile and Lake Victoria. The boat is made up of a cool box that has drinks and rod holders

Services of a fishing gillie are provided- If you have booked a small boat you will be offered a catching live bait which will enable Anglers to spend less time looking for live bait thus earning yourself enough time for hunting a giant Nile Perch which is found at the bottom of the falls.

Tour is escorted by expert fishing Guide- Anglers will be governed by a professional fishing guide who will make sure that they get the best fishing safari in Uganda. Our guides truly know the best traditional fishing methods and they are always updated with the trend of fishing throughout the year.

Tour exclusives- This fishing safari is exclusive because only authorized personnel are allowed and this will enable you to have more comfort to the Anglers and the crew. An angler is allowed to have 2 rods out but2 anglers are the minimum number allowed on the boat.

When is the best time for a luxury fishing safaris and tours in Uganda?

Uganda is made up of 5 peak fishing seasons and these happen during January, February, July and August. This depends on the schedule a traveler has organized in the above months. It is good to book your safari 1-year advance and you may pay 6 months before coming to your desired day of travel to the pearl of Africa. This will help you to be secure with your fishing permits plus securing yourself lodging services.

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