Booking low season Uganda safaris from Kigali National Park

Booking low or off-season Uganda safaris is very simple provided you book with Africa Adventure vacations.

Low Season Uganda Safaris From Kigali Rwanda

Low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda to Uganda- We understandably know that our clients are always asking themselves if it possible for them to take low season safaris to Uganda by passing through Kigali Rwanda, as Africa Adventure Vacations we organize the off or low season from Kigali in Rwanda to Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park which ate found just a few kilometers off Cyanika and Katuna Rwandan borders with Uganda. These low season safaris are so interesting especially for clients or tourists who would prefer to enjoy our low season discounts in Uganda.  Most of the clients coming to Uganda via Kigali do so during the peak season in June, July, August, September, and December. January and February leaving fewer people who travel during the low season in March, April, May, October, and November however, at Africa Adventure Vacations we now organize low gorilla safari from Kigali to come and enjoy in Uganda during the low season. Most of the service provides especially the accommodation sector tend to give discounts during the low season and even the chances of missing out on gorilla trekking permits are limited and make it convenient for you to come and enjoy these fantastic gorillas trekking safaris.

Booking low season Uganda safaris from Kigali National Park

Booking low or off-season Uganda safaris is very simple provided you book with Africa Adventure vacations. The moment you contact us then know that we shall handle all your travel arrangement plans from Kigali to Uganda to enjoy your low season Uganda safaris and then back to Kigali. Once contacted, you will need to tell all that you want to do, your interests and all other special packages available and for us, we shall handle all on your behalf by allocating you one of our tour consultants who will help you in checking for all availability of the services you have requested. Then we shall reserve the services on your behalf as we wait for you to make payments, especially for the gorilla and chimpanzee trekking permits since it is core gorilla trekking safaris during the low season and once all is done. We shall send you an invoice for you to pay and after you have paid we shall book for you the gorilla or chimpanzee trekking permits. For permits, clients are advised that you pay in full and you can pay later when your day of travel is approaching.

When can you book Low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda?

Africa Adventure Vacations arrange the low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda all the time of the year the but most especially we organdies better these safaris during April, May, and November every calendar year.  And this because these months present the low season when it comes to Uganda’s tourist trends. We recommend you to book in advance for better preparation and to have our reduced rates on birding safaris. It is good if you book 4-5 months in advance yearly. Just contact us for more details about the off and low-season Uganda safaris starting from Kigali Rwanda and again ending in Kigali.

Where to do off or low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda

Our off or low-season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda will see visitors moving from Kigali to Uganda and ushered into several national parks.  The closest national park upon crossing Katuna or Cyanka border from Rwanda for Uganda Low season safaris include is Queen Elizabeth National Park found in southwestern Uganda. The park is an amazing National park with the best places for wildlife game drives, seeing the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park and the park also features the Kazinga channel which is found in the northern part of the park in Mweya and here it offers best boat cruise safaris in the region. Additionally, other destinations of National Parks that you can visit from Kigali to Uganda during low season safaris include the Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale national park for chimpanzee tracking as well as Kidepo Valley National Park and Semuliki National Park.

Why book Low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda are the safest country in the world where one can go and doff wildlife and primate safaris. In Uganda, there are a lot of destination places where one can go and have fun or holidays whether in dry or low season, for example, there are ten national parks in Uganda as compared to 4 in Rwanda. Out of ten national parks, only 2 namely Bwindi and Mgahinga National park have gorillas while it is only in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park where you can find endangered mountain gorillas. This means that there are several places in Uganda where one can do his or her low season safari. However, the reason why most clients book off or low season Uganda safaris from Kigali because it is easy to get to Uganda southwestern park such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Mgahinga National Park when using Kigali Rwanda as compared to the one using Kigali Entebbe International Airport. The distance from Kigali international airport to these parks in Uganda is shorter and closer to Bwindi compared to someone who has use Entebbe international airport in Uganda which will take you 7 to 9 hours to reach yet from Kigali international airport in Rwanda it is approximately4 to 5 hours to access through Katuna and Cyanika borders. This means that the number of clients spends on the road is reduced and visitors cannot also get fatigued resulting from traveling long distances. By using Kigali- Uganda, you will be able to reach Bwindi or any other park in Uganda for off or low-season Uganda safaris from Kigali early, check on your lodge, and prepare for your encounter safari activities the next morning.

Booking our low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda is so paramount as you will get chances of enjoying the discounts on transportation and accommodation since most of the stakeholders offer discounts during the low season. We have a strong relationship and bond with several lodges whom we negotiate with and extend some special offers to tourists during the low season and we are happy that tell you that you will receive your discounts when booking in low season for more details on the low season safari discount from Kigali to Uganda just contact us at Africa adventure vacations

Visitors booking the low season Uganda safaris stand better chances of having the full services that are not often seen during the high season in February, June, July, August, October, and December.  For example during high season, the gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking permits tend to sell out so fast and making most of the clients miss this great opportunity but with low season Uganda safaris from Kigali Rwanda you’re you rest assured that you will get enough permits since the competition is less and booking for then by the client is on less demand. Just contact us for more information about booking your Uganda safari from Kigali during low seasons in April, to May and then November.

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