What do mountain gorillas do all day?

A day in the life of a mountain gorilla – the following is a daily routine of the mountain gorilla in Uganda and Rwanda.

Life Of Mountain Gorillas In Uganda And Rwanda

What is the life of mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda? Mountain gorillas stay in groups / families consisting of about 7 to 35 members. The groups are led by one male silverback, convoyed by several females with their young ones but the female ones leave the group when they reaching mating time. Every person loves mountain gorillas and they live in dense forests along the western Albertine rift, in one of Africa’s most bio-diversity regions (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo). In this harbor of tropical rainforest endemism the most celebrated wild animal is the endangered mountain gorilla.

Mountain gorillas spend half of the day eating and another third of their day resting. Mountain gorillas take gentle walks through the forest by babbling mountain brooks, stopping after some time for a family picnic, hunting the finest raw, vegetarian whole foods and insects but eat small mammals some times.

When it comes to midday, as the young ones are playing at ease, the elders will scare away in an evergreen sphere with beautiful scenes from a family Christmas day. The group of gorillas is so interesting especially during the periods. You can spend the whole day playing and enjoying to each other.

The silverback is the father and the protector

It is not all pleasure-seeking, mountain gorilla have three threats that is the leopard, human beings and other mountain gorillas. A leopard will hunt and kill any unprotected mountain gorilla if it is hungry. The silverback plays a very important role of protecting the entire family and sacrificing himself if there is need to. Human beings are not typically a direct threat to mountain gorillas but they indirectly be in terms of poaching as mountain gorillas are well protected by armed rangers. But mountain gorilla habitat is under pressure from human beings for farming and charcoal making.

Playful mountain gorilla youngsters

Playing has a big important role in the life of endangered young mountain gorillas and their incorporation into the group. It aids the young gorillas to get used to every single animal and to be recognized as part of the group. During playing they practice communication and learn behaviors that are not instinctive. Mountain gorillas get a full delightful 8 hours of sleep unless if there is change in weather and its cold. The do this every day. Mountain gorillas make their own beds (nests) everyday leaving more time for planning for his odd cousins from the lowlands.

How do mountain gorilla mother their children?

Mountain gorillas practice supplement parenting, the mother mountain gorilla holds the baby gorilla close throughout the day until they are about 3 years old. At this age the baby can be independent and the mother can decide to have another baby. Unlike the father mountain gorillas, mother gorillas do a few teaching to their babies, they are caretakers while their fathers are teachers.

How do mountain gorillas father their children?

Young mountain gorillas always hunt out their group leader who normally their father as well. They always stay near their leader / father. They all stay with him and even involve him in their games. For young mountain gorillas, a close relationship with their father can be energetic. The father / leader protects infants and his care rises the chances of the survival of young ones incase their mother dies or leaves the group. In such a situation the silverback male is usually who takes care of them intensively. The silverback allows the young ones to sleep in his nest.

Gorilla trekking changes lives 

Gorilla trekking is sometimes described as life changing and once in a lifetime wildlife experience, seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitants is an unforgettable experience with benefits of conservation through the income from gorilla permits.

What do mountain gorillas do all day?

A day in the life of a mountain gorilla – the following is a daily routine of the mountain gorilla in Uganda and Rwanda. They feed in early morning, they rest after feeding around midday, in the afternoon they feed again before resting at night. They leave their nests when the sun rises in the morning like at 6:30 expect the times when it’s cold and overcast, they stay longer in the nests.

Mountain gorillas spend half of the day feeding. A third of the day is for resting and 6.5% of their time is spent moving from one location to another and they are involved in social behavior for 3.6% of their total time. Mating only occurs during night times. There for the midday rest is very essential for the social life of the group because this is the time when gorillas interact with each other and when they young gorillas always play without being interrupted.

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