Sport Fishing in Lake Shakani Rwanda

Sport fishing in Akagera national park is only allowed on Lake Shakani

Lake Shakani In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Lake Shakani in Akagera National Park is the only lake in Akagera where one can do sport fishing as a tourism activity in Rwanda. Lake Shakani is situated a few kilometers north east of Akagera national park headquarters. The lake is found on the edge of the southern sector of the park. Lake Shakani is a good birding site with a big number of beautiful bird species. there are about 525 bird species so far recorded in Akagera National park such as lilac – breasted roller, black headed gonalek, crested barblet, heuglin’s robin – chat, squacco herons, grey crown crane, water thick – knee, African darter, papyrus gonoleck, Senegal lapwings, giant kingfisher, African wattled plover, grey hornbill and ross’ turaco to mention but a few.

Near Lake Shakani you find Shakani campsite a good campsite for visitors to stay over the night because it is safe. When you arrive at the park headquarters you are advised to get a park guide that will take you on a guided game drive in Akagera national park. you game drive will give you an opportunity to see many wildlife including the Big 5 animals which are in the park (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard). Other animals in Akagera national park include duikers, bush bucks, oribis, topis, impala, cape eland, zebras, giraffes and many others.

Sport fishing in Akagera national park is only allowed on Lake Shakani and visitors who want to take part in this fun activity are advised to come along with their fishing gears. Many visitors have succeeded in sport fishing activity and they roast their fish on fire. Common types of fish caught at Lake Shakani are tilapia and catfish.

What to do and see in Akagera national park

Akagera National park has a number of tourist activities. Below are major things to do and see in the park

Guided game drive

Drive through Akagera national park at your pace on self-drive or use a well-trained guide to accompany you. Akagera national park hosts so many lakes meaning you can even have a boat cruise. The park is also a home of about 525 bird species, a variety of mammals and a home to the big 5 – leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo and lions. Animals expected to be seen on your game drive in Akagera national park include elephants, hippos, topis, impala, hippos, buffaloes and many more. Game drives in Akagera national park are done in the northern sector of the park because of the nature of the terrain but animals are found all over the park.

Night game drives

The sun in Akagera national park goes down but the park stays awake. A night game drive in the park is conducted by a park ranger guide and your driver guide using bright spot light torches at a fee of $40. The night game drive gives you a chance to see nocturnal animals such as bush babies, leopards, civets and several cats.

Boat safari

Boat cruises in Akagera national park are famously done on Lake Ihema. Lake Ihema is the second largest lake in Rwanda and a boat cruise on this lake yield great aquatic bird sighting and some wildlife which stay in the waters of the lake. On your boat cruise on Lake Ihema you will see crocodiles, buffaloes and hippos as well as birds such s kingfishers, egrets, fish eagle and hammerkops among others.


Akagera National Park is a home to over 525 bird species making it one of the best birding place in East Africa, the different vegetation of the park present a harmless place for resident and migratory birds residing in forests, hills, savannah plains. Akagera national park hosts various endemics and rare bird species including the threatened papyrus gonolek, other bird species include the Lesser Kesterel, the Red Faced Barbets, the Armot Chat, the Great Snipe, the Shoebill and Swamp Fly Catchers.

 Nature walks.

Guided nature walks in Akagera National Park is another way to discover the park’s attractions this gives you an opportunity to experience wildlife up-close, guided by a well-trained ranger guide you will walk through the open savannah plains in search for different wildlife. On a nature walk you come across missed attractions like butterflies and other small insects which cannot be seen while in a safari vehicle.

Community cultural tours

Around Akagera national park, there many different communities that are available for visitors. These tours help you to learn about the way of living of the rural people of Rwanda led by a community freelance guide to make sure you have an informative and memorable tour.

Get some time and discover more about Rwanda than just Akagera national park and Lake Shakani. There is gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park, canopy walk and chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest national park as well as primate walking in Gishwati Mukura national park.

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