Lake Gishanju In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Getting to this lake is about 2 – 3 hours using road transport from Kigali city.

Lake Gishanju In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Lake Gishanju is one of the most beautiful water bodies that rates Akagera national park in Rwanda among the few most spectacular safari destinations in east Africa. In the same place happens to be Mutumba hills on the northern side of Lake Gishanju with dense vegetation cover that makes it difficult for one to see wildlife animals such as zebras, buffalos, impalas and elephants. The papyrus beds found on this lake make it the most accessible swampy areas in Akagera national park Rwanda. A visit to Lake Gishanju is rewarding most especially if you want to see a number of animals living in the papyrus.

Inside Akagera national park, there are a number of lakes that harbors a variety of aquatic species like hippos, water birds and crocodiles. These lakes include Lake Mihindi, Lake Shakani, Lake Rwanyakazinga, Lake Ihema, Lake Hago, Lake Murambi, Lake Kivumbi and Lake Birengero. Lake Gishanju is strategically located in the northern side of Akagera national park which is a perfect area for game viewing. A visit to Lake Gishanju gives tourists an opportunity to explore the beautiful Mutumba hills with chances of seeing different wildlife species in the northern sector such as antelopes, giraffes, birds, buffaloes, elephants, hyenas and many others.

Apart from guided game drives, a visit to this lake allows you participate in other tourism activities such as walk the nile, helicopter tours, bird watching, boat cruise, nature walks, sport fishing, behind the scenes Akagera and many others.

Where To Stay In Akagera National Park

There are a number of lodges in Akagera national park ranging from luxury, mid-range as well as budget options offering excellent services to all tourists that use them while on their safari. There is Akagera game lodge, Rusizi tented lodge, Magashi camp and Dereva hotel

How To Get To Lake Gishanju

Lake Gishanju is located inside Akagera national park in Rwanda. Getting to this lake is about 2 – 3 hours using road transport from Kigali city. Using your comfortable 4 wheel drive safari vehicle, you will use the southern entrance gate to Akagera national park then to Gishanju.

Rwanda is one of the best safari destinations from the Big 5 animals in Akagera national park to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in volcanoes national park to Nyungwe forest national park famous for chimpanzees and canopy walks.

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