Kyambura Wildlife Reserve In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Kyambura wildlife reserve houses several primates that are well known to people in Uganda and those abroad.

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura wildlife reserve is found in the south direction of Lake Gorge and to the east in Queen Elizabeth National park. In the Eastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park, the reserve is stated exactly where Kazinga channel known as the hippos haven escapes from the lake towards the direction of Lake Edward.

 Yes, it believed that Kyambura game reserve has similar natural resources or species like those of Queen Elizabeth National Park however because of the physical barrier created by the Kyambura gorge and Kazinga channel have made this wildlife reserve to be managed as a separate zone and termed as a wildlife reserve by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Currently, there is no land linkage between this wildlife Reserve and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Wild animals just crossover Kyambura River that is presented shallow water levels during the dry season enabling most of them to connect between the two protected areas.

The presence of the river within the gorge has supported the growth of canopy tropical forest and the rapid forest growth just near the mouth of the river. The Eastern side of Kyambura goes away with  Buhindagi river directly from Lake George, in the southeastern direction of  the reserve is covered with Kasyoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve where the boundaries of  Kyambura Wildlife Reserve are apart.

You can connect Kyambura game reserve by following the main road of Mbarara–Kasese highway that runs up to the Kashaka fish-landing site, bisecting the reserve. This part of Queen Elizabeth national park features over 7 crater lakes that are both salty and fresh. These crater lakes include the Bagusa, Maseche, and Nshenyi, are examples of salty lakes in the Kyambura wildlife reserve while Kararo, Kinera, Chibwera, and Kyamwiga are categorized as fresh lakes in Kyambura wildlife reserve.

Kyambura wildlife reserve houses several primates that are well known to people in Uganda and those abroad. The habituated chimpanzees are clearly and well known to the people. Watching birds and trekking habituated chimpanzees is so interesting that you can’t leave the way how you have come in queen Elizabeth National Park.  Chimpanzees are among the endangered primates in Uganda however they still exist in this reserve which is a part of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Most of the visitors have ranked Kyambura game reserve as one of the striking section of Queen Elizabeth national park. This is a real experience where you can meet the loud and shouting chimpanzees, especially at Kyambura Gorge. Other than chimpanzees, Kyambura also has other primates that will keep you busy which include red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, Vevert monkeys, baboons, and others. Come and take your trips to this reserve and enjoy chimpanzee trekking safaris, bird watching activity, guided nature walks among others

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