Kigali City Rwanda

The Kigali city provides a lot of remarkable experience to travelers because of the presence of different genocide memorial sites

Kigali City Rwanda

Kigali is Rwanda’s capital city positioned in the center and has always been dubbed as the beautiful city in Africa because of extension of the good road network, better street lights out-compete most of the African cities. Kigali city Kigali spreads across to different hills and both U and V-shaped valleys. The luxuriant city capital city is enjoyably and inhabited by over a million people.

The Kigali city provides a lot of remarkable experience to travelers because of the presence of different genocide memorial sites and the fact that it’s being surrounded by hills which provides magnificent views to the travelers and visitors coming to this Capital city. The 1994 Rwandan genocide memorial cites are common in the city and visitors often enjoy the fresh atmospheres of the city coupled with hospital people that are involved in the preparation of local foods that you can taste while in this city.

Mingle with the cool atmospheres of the Kigali city as you participate in different business transactions. The common currency used in Kigali capital is Rwandan francs however United States dollars are very common and acceptable when doing any transactions.

During colonial time, Rwanda was colonized by Belgium and this has made the country to make French as her national language in addition to other foreign languages such as Kiswahili and English. As part of improving relationships with other countries, The Kigali government joined the East African community countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan and this strengthen its English and Swahili language-speaking capacity. Therefore you will be handled in any language you want when you land in Kigali city.

Kigali is one of the cleanest cities of Africa and this is reflected in the community service day which is organized last Saturday of the months with all community, streets, and roads closed for all the people to participate in the general clean illness of their areas. The city and Rwanda in general is one of the fewer cities /countries in Africa where plastics/polyethylene bags are not around the streets every after.

Travelers to Kigali city can use different transport means such taxis and use of min taxis. However, for international travelers, you can access Kigali through Kigali International Airport. The national airline of Rwanda is known as Rwanda Air which operates in countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Europe, and Asia countries.

There is a variety of mushrooming art scene in Kigali city, as well as a rapid increase in hospitality establishments like hotels and lodges that provide conformability. The Kigali city is the center of Kigali cultural village which provides enthusiastic local crafts and always provides food vendors with a chance to showcase their trading items. Kigali city is evolving speedily with several trading building such as shopping malls spectacular buildings which makes the Kigali city so fantastic

Importantly the central business district of Kigali city shields the hill of Nyarugenge and the government’s administration unit headquarters are situated on the Eastern side of Kacyiru hill.

Kigali close valleys contain a huge golf Couse which borderers Lovers lake or Nyarutarama lake. Following this trail or track is very calm or quite with maximum silence and peace full and this provides an opportunity for excellent city tours or walks where you will be rewarded with different urban or city birds of Kigali.

Kigali city is one of the beautiful city of historical importance which you would need to be embedded with as the travel. The environment and the security guaranteed by Rwandan security personnel makes it safe for tourism travelers and holidays or vacations.

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