Kidepo Community Tours

Cultural tours to the Ik people or Lorukul village will enable you to learn how the people keep their cattle especially the Karamajong

Kidepo Community Tours

Kidepo valley national park forms an important tourism destination for African safaris and community tours. The park lies in the semi-arid region of Karamoja in Kaabong district. There are a lot of cultural activities that can be done in the Kidepo valley national park because of the unique tribes of people practicing traditional cultural practices.

The Karamajong culture is one of the tribes in Uganda with a rich traditional cultural one wouldn’t dare to miss while on Uganda safaris. The Karamajong people reside adjacent to Kidepo valley national park and visitors on many occasions opt to do community tours to experience the culture of these people. The Karamajong cultural people are similar to the Masai of Tanzania and Kenya since all of them are pastoralists and they value cows so much.

The culture of the Kidepo Valley National park is dominated by the Karamajong and the Ik people who still practice the culture. It’s Karamajong only in Uganda where the culture is still a virgin and has not been affected by commodification. The Karamajong people do poses arrange of traditional instruments that they even still use and these include spears, arrows, bows costumes, beads, jewelry, and knives among others. These people dominate the areas of the park, especially in the far northeast.

The presence of Kidepo valley national park has helped to boost the culture of the Karamoja people through the provision of support services to the local community. Visit tours to the homestead of these people will give you an insight into the true African lifestyle. The people construct a grass thatched house of which you cannot enter without bending. Most of the families are extended and each family has got its own house and its own family.

Lorukul community village is one of the villages around Kidepo valley national park that has benefited from tourism or tourists coming to Kidepo valley national park. The Lorukul village is located at the edge of the park. The Ik people, however, can be seen if the visitors trek the Morungole Mountain since they are situated at the peak of this mountain.

Visitation to cultural communities around the Kidepo valley national park is as paramount as you will be able to explore different cultural activities and practices of the people and the tribes residing within this region. Cultural tours to the Ik people or Lorukul village will enable you to learn how the people keep their cattle especially the Karamajong and how the Ik people use the Beehive as pride price in marriage. Can you imagine just collecting beehives and take them to a girl’s family as the bride price? This is possibly among the Ik people on mount Morungole in Kidepo valley national park.

At Africa adventure vacations, we encourage you to come and take part in cultural visits to these villages as you learn much about them as well as supporting them economically. Come and be dressed up in their traditional attire, buy brilliant crafts, and souvenirs from them as you’re being entertained by their traditional songs, dance, and drama. Book with us for a quick cultural and wildlife experience in Uganda.

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