Kapchorwa Town

Kapchorwa is surrounded with many tourists attractions

Kapchorwa Town In Eastern Uganda

Kapchorwa town is found in Eastern parts of Uganda within the Sebei sub-county with a number of tourist attractions and accommodation and it takes about 65 km which is just 40 minutes by road in the North East of Mbale town. Kapchorwa town is the major municipal, commercial and administrative center in the whole district of Kapchorwa. Kapchorwa town is mostly occupied by kalenjin people plus the sub-groups like Nandi, Pokot and Sabin. They were cattle keepers in 1960s but changed to other activities due to their neighbors, the Karamojong who destroyed most of their cattle. Kapchorwa town is best for tourists who are looking for nice places in Uganda for relaxation the body and minds. Also surrounded with beautiful green and lush hills. Its population density is low with an abundance of natural caves and pools, it makes it attractive to go out and explore these unknown sites

Tourist attractions in Kapchorwa Town

Kapchorwa town is surrounded with many tourists attractions which makes it a breathtaking scenery and a natural charm that attracts tourists.

Sipi Falls

Sipi falls has 3 waterfalls and they are flowing from different altitude. The highest is known as the main fall dropping from altitude of 100m. It is also somehow bigger than other two falls. All gives Uganda a wonderful scenery. Sipi falls are also known as a romantic falls in parts of Uganda due to its beautiful falls. Tourists hiking up to the falls have an opportunity to see beautiful scenic views such as the Karamoja lowlands, coffee plantations, lake kyoga and many more. This area is where most of tourists to Mount Elgon are started from.

Hiking hills around Kapchorwa town.

Around Kapchorwa, there is hills for hiking, and this takes you through several villages, banana plantations and enjoy the small streams flowing down from Mount Elgon. You can hike up to the main famous water falls in Uganda that is Sipi falls, after here go for a several-days hike to Mount Elgon.  Sipi offers a number of alternative activities to the mainstream river activities in and around

Community visit.

On your trip to Kapchorwa town you can also visit local people and have fun with them. Get to know more about their life style. Lands around Kapchorwa town are very fertile. A great variety of vegetables grow here. You will get an opportunity to test the natural fruits like mangoes, passion fruit, and oranges. Visit Kapchorwa and enjoy this town with a lot of amazing tourists attractions.

Kapkwai Exploration center

There are many hiking trails around Mount Elgon that can take you to the peaks and this has made easy to climb mountain. Other trails are Sasa, Piswa and Sipi trails. The full hiking circuit to the peaks takes about 4-5 days to complete the hike. Walks around here allow to see hot springs, caves, gorges and flora and fauns.

Accommodation in Kapchorwa town

Accommodation at Kapchorwa provides you good comfort facilities which ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and budget include Sipi river lodge and Mbale resort hotel for those one who are looking for luxurious services, if you want for mid-range lodges, you can use Masha hotel, Sipi falls resort hotel, Lacam lodge, Mount Elgon hotel and Noah’s ark hotel and budget lodges are also available like Suam guest house, Kapkwata guest house, crow nest rest camp and Rose last chance-budget.

Besides hiking mountain Elgon in Uganda, you can also arrange hiking safari to Rwenzori mountain which is one of the most exciting experiences in Uganda .Other Mountain hiking safaris can be arranged for any visitor to climb Rwenzori Mountains one of the most exciting experiences in Uganda. It is also has the highest parts of about 65 km wide and 120km long.  The park is home to over 70 mammals and 217 bird species including 19 Albertine Rift endemics. Visitors also can go gorilla trekking tours in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park  and Mgahinga gorilla national park.

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