Isumo Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park

You can also do the hike to Isumo trail in Nyungwe forest which lasts for a day and goes up to Isuma waterfall.

Isumo Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Isumo means waterfall in Kinyarwanda, it is the culmination of the Isumo trail and is known as Nyungwe’s biggest waterfall. It pours its waters to the amazing plumes of mist which are above the Rocky River and it is surrounded by ferns. The walk to Isumo waterfall starts in the early morning and you will see in the air tea fields with the butterflies playing from flower to flower and you will be able to see Lake Kivu plus DR Congo.

You can also do the hike to Isumo trail in Nyungwe forest which lasts for a day and goes up to Isuma waterfall. This waterfall trial fee is about 50USD per person. This is among the best places for chimpanzee trekking and the amazing canopy walk experience. You can also take a hike to Isumo falls beginning from the Gisakura side of the park and it takes almost 3-5 hours to complete. The trail goes to the steep hillside via primeval-rainforest and you will see trees that are festooned with mosses and vines and the air is damp and heavy.

For only 2.3 km the trail will be slopping to the steepest rainforest and dense vegetation on the trail at Nyungwe. The murmur of the river and cool moist air of the river rise from below and mingled through the sounds of birds, ferns, lichens, and flowers are so beautiful in the high humidity. The benches are so brilliant with colorful flowers with each having a single different species. The first one is wreathed with deep pink jewelweed and an amazing view of the ravine and the second one is encircled with fragile fragrant of white begonias and the third one is with white flowers and heart-shaped leaves.

On top of the Isumo trail which takes you to Isumo waterfalls, the Nyungwe Forest National Park has got other various trails and they comprise of the following;

Imbaraga trail

This is good for experienced hikers, the Imbaraga trail is so hectic but it will reward you with the best one of the four scenic waterfalls and amazing views at the Bururi Valley. It covers about 740m of the descent and ascent. You will have an opportunity to hear sounds of bird calls and along with tree frogs, cicadas, crickets, and also monkeys.

You will be provided with fully equipped backpacks that include binoculars that will help you to watch everything that crosses your eyes. You will also be given authentic walking sticks which will help you to know the trail by yourself.

Kamiranzovu trail.

This trail is amazing and it has got amazing geological location with forest-covered mountains with amazing giant caldera resemblance, the circular rim of lush. As you are on the trail, you will meet beautiful begonia and species, waterfalls that go through the humid swamp, from lichens and ferns and you will go to Grauer’s rush warblers and frogs.

Uwinka trail

Uwinka trail is known to be such a hectic hike but also known to be the best one. You will be viewing over Kamiranzovu Marsh which is spectacular and a very long trail that you will meet towering trees with a small remote waterfall and glossy yellow-flowered begonia. Blue monkeys, mangabeys, and colobus are spotted here with red flashes of Turaco birds passing and you will hear them singing in the early morning.

Rukuzi trail

The wonderful hike to Rukuzi trail is full of various tourist attractions and it gives you a big opportunity to watch chimpanzees that are found in their natural habitats. The Islands of DR Congo and Lake Kivu can also be spotted early and as you further go down the peak, you will hear the sounds of young children playing from the other side of the mountain in the village of Banda which is below.

Bigugu trail

It surrounds the highest peak in the park, the Bigugu trail is full of incredible colorful flora and you will also see the amazing views of Lake Kivu as you also see the hills of DR Congo. It covers about 660m of descent and ascent. Birders will have a chance to watch the Red-collared Mountain Babbler and many more attractive species.

Besides Nyungwe forest National Park which is the oldest pristine forest park found in Rwanda, the other tourist places which are found in Rwanda include Volcanoes National Park which is known for gorilla trekking, and Akagera National Park which is good for game safaris and wildlife. You should not miss seeing the elephants, birds, hippos, buffaloes, and Rhinos.

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