Is Kidepo National Park Safe?

The return of peaceful environment and security in northern Uganda has turned around a lot of things which attracted a lot of developments in the areas such as road construction connecting to Kidepo Valley National park

Is Kidepo National Park Safe?

Is Kidepo National Park Safe? Safety in and outside Kidepo National Park: Kidepo valley national park is situated in the extreme far northeastern park of Uganda in the semi rid conditions of Karamoja region at the boarders of both Kenya and south Sudan. It will take about 700 kilometers from Uganda’s capital city Kampala to arrive at Kidepo national park by road.

The whole of this region dated back in early 1990s has been in timeline for different reasons that include insecurity and poor accessibility however due to political stability and good governance, the region has been so peaceful since then and is free from any insurgency. Obviously one would wish to know whether the region that he or she is going to visits or tour is safe. Life safety is number one priority.

Karamoja region still is the known as the region for cattle keepers and being on the boarder points with Kenya and Sudan, the region was full of tribal clashes which could escalate to beyond even boarders. The people of Toposa in south Sudan, Masai of Kenya and Karamajong of Uganda are the same and are only separated by the boarders. The tribal community groups are nomads and found prestigious in keeping animals than having economic gains from them.

The fact that these people are nomadic pastoralists and the region where they stay is characterized by semi-arid conditions, the animals could not produce at high rate due to lack of enough food and water and thus made some of the herders to gang up with weapons to start raiding other groups even across borders to and grab or rustle cows from each other which sparked tribal and civil conflicts.

This made the region so insecure and for some good time the conflicts affected Kidepo Valley National Park and all the tourism activities within the park were paused. However, after sometime of sensitization and discussions, successful meeting were held aiming the three countries aimed at sensitizing these people and use their cattle so useful and stop cattle rustling.

As the result the government of Uganda through Uganda people defense forces stared a program to monitor and disarm all the Karamajong worriers and at the end, the program was successful and all activities of called raiding and crimes committed by armed rustlers were put to end in Karamoja region.

The region still especially the nearby country of south Sudan there was a civil war before 2005 when south Sudan was curved away from Sudan of Khartoum to make its own country. This was as result of people of south Sudan agitating for in dependences as they were considered marginalized and un attended when it comes to resource allocation. The civil spread to Uganda in the northern park which as well disabled the Uganda’s peace.

When south Sudan got its independence in 2005, the civil stopped and this automatically meant that Kidepo this time was available and safe for visitation. Presently, visitors visiting Kidepo National park finds no problem and the park and region is safe for all people, visitors and their properties.

Still it’s prudent to not that the areas of Northern Uganda were no ago zone areas because of the insurgency brought by the Lord’s resistance army. Remember, visitors had to pass via this region to access Kidepo Valley National Park however the well-built army of Uganda people defense force defeated all the rebels and restored peace and sanity within the region. Today, visitors visit Kidepo valley national park and have never reported any instances of insecurity in the region.

The return of peaceful environment and security in northern Uganda has turned around a lot of things which attracted a lot of developments in the areas such as road construction connecting to Kidepo Valley National park, schools and hospitals. The development of towns  have led to business  with mushrooming hotels, lodges and campsite built strategically in around Kidepo Valley National park to accommodate the visitors.

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