Is It Safe To Visit Virunga National Park In Congo?

It is also good to book your Virunga safari in advance so that your tour is secured and the team for security is ready for you on your arrival.

Is It Safe To Visit Virunga National Park In Congo?

Most tourists who come to Congo always ask if it is safe to visit Virunga national park for tourism activities such as Gorilla tracking and Nyiragongo hiking. Indeed it is currently safe in spite of the past insecurity concerns of the rebel groups that had invaded the country. DR Congo is the 2rd biggest nation/country in Africa after Algeria and the people who live in this area are called Congolese. Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania are positioned in the East of the DR Congo with Angola in the west, Zambia in the south and Central African Republic in the north.

The most insecurity cases that used to be in the Virunga mainly came from Mai Mai and Rwandan rebels. They had setup their base in the Rumangabo sector of the Virunga. Few killings were documented in the past and 2 tourists were kidnapped plus various attacks on rangers and it is not surprising why most visitors ask this questions regularly. A lot has be put in place to force these rebels out of the region and the government has done it best and succeeded since there is peace in the country and in the Virunga region.

In February 2020, the park was reopened and operates normally because there are no more security threats that had caused its shut down. The director of the park and other stakeholders agreed on some security measures that were implemented for the smooth running of tours in the park.

Highly trained security team with highly trained ranger guides and well equipped with international standards of ensuring security were established in the park so as to give maximum security to the visitors of the park plus their property too. This security team is hired and will be around you throughout your safari and this begins immediately you set off from Goma until you come back to Goma after you are done with your tour safari. The team protects a visitor in close and far range. They are also trained on first aid procedures, communication and evacuation skills if needed.

It is also good to book your Virunga safari in advance so that your tour is secured and the team for security is ready for you on your arrival. You are advised to send your Visa in 3 weeks advance and is a commitment that you are going to spend more time in Virunga national Park

Also a standard safari package was put in place as a security measure after the reopening of the park and the main reason for this is that it will clearly define the paths each and every tourist in the park will use. This is the safest way to handle your trip because the security forces will be monitoring you in your systematic group movement.

Standard Safari packages have specific scheduled time and days from the Grande Barrier border building to Goma when heading to Virunga national Park. Some of these packages include Mikeno mist package beginning at 10 am from Goma on a daily basis, the Virunga classic which begins on Mondays and Wednesdays, Le petit Mikeno which takes place from Goma on Fridays at 11am.

The security team of the park is recruited by the management of the park and the team members of the park are recruited within the community and this is so because it is to benefit the surrounding community. This move has contributed much to the peace in the park and also brought good relationship to the community leaders, local authorities,  country embassies, village groups, NGO’s have been maintained and UN agencies deployed in numerous parts of the country.

Though these measures have been put in place, it is also advisable as a tourist to remain security conscious especially on your property so that your safari remains joyful as it started.

Much as the security measures are in place and are addressed properly, it is wise and good if you first ask about the current security status of the region from your embassy before booking your safari. Africa Adventure Vacations awaits to book for you the Virunga national park safaris.

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