The process of booking gorilla permits online in Uganda

Uganda wildlife authority introduced a system in 2017 whereby registered tour operators are allowed to block the gorilla permits on the same system.

Is It Possible To Book Uganda Gorilla Permits Via Online System?

Is it possible to make a booking for Uganda gorilla permits via online system? Yes, gorilla trekking is a popular activity highlighted in Uganda safaris and therefore the activity is so competitive, it is competitiveness has forced Uganda-registered Uganda tour companies to devise the means of how to effectively block the gorilla trekking permit on the Uganda wildlife Authority online system. The competitive nature of gorilla permits is because of the limited places in the world where gorilla trekking takes place. In the whole world, gorilla trekking takes place only in 3 countries of Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. Each country has at least one national park where gorillas live naturally in harmony. Among the mentioned countries, Uganda has two national parks where endangered mountain gorillas live and these include Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. In Rwanda, Mountain gorillas live only in Volcanoes National park and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Gorillas can only be found in Virunga National Park. To go and see the endangered great apes, you must book and secure a gorilla trekking permit that will enable you to see the gorillas for only one hour however for those having their gorilla safaris in Uganda will have a chance to spend more time with gorillas by booking a gorilla habituation permit since it is only in Uganda where gorilla habituation experience is carried out.

Booking gorilla permits online by Uganda tour operators

Normally the tour operators in Uganda that are well registered have access to the Uganda wildlife authority online system and this means that they can view, reserve, book, and secure and block the gorilla permit on this system on a 24/7 hour basis including all the days of the year and even night. Blocking of gorilla permits on the UWA online system is possible only when you can access the database for gorilla trekking permits. Uganda Wildlife Authority is an Authority in Uganda that is in charge of all wildlife protection/conservation areas in Uganda including Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where the endangered mountain gorillas live naturally and happily.

The process of booking gorilla permits online in Uganda

As I earlier pointed out, the Uganda wildlife authority introduced a system in 2017 whereby registered tour operators are allowed to block the gorilla permits on the same system. Most of the tour operators we trained when the system was introduced and Africa Adventure Vacations was among the tour operators who were trained how to access, view reserve, and book the gorilla trekking permit using the UWA Online system. The tour operators who were trained were given access security details to the system call them passwords. The Uganda Wildlife Authority System enables tour operators to view and check for the availability of gorilla trekking permits for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The availability is checked against the dates of carrying out a gorilla trekking safari and the sector from which the clients want to trek the gorillas from. Uganda Wildlife Authority online gorilla permit system has a dashboard that indicated whether there is permit availability if there is no permit that shows whether there is permit availability, whether there are no permits availability and if there are some permits that are there on the waitlist. There are indicators by red color meaning that the permit for the month, day are sold out then green confirms the availability on your intended dates of travel.

Is it good to block the gorilla permits on UWA online system?

Uganda mountain gorillas to the two national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park tend to sell out very quickly because of the high demand by the clients and thus blocking the gorillas by the authorized travel operator it is good that the clients do not miss out on the glorious gorilla trekking. The Uganda Wildlife Authority System allows tour operators to block the gorilla permits for at least seven days and once the seven days are up the system releases the permits. Immediately, the gorilla permits are blocked, the system generates an invoice and the Booking ID which is sent to the client such that he or she can make payments. This system is very good because it helps us the tour operators to block the gorilla permits as we wait for you to make payments for the permits and then secures them completely.

Bwindi regions where booking gorilla permits are allowed by tour operators on the UWA Online system

Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park has more than half of the total gorillas in the whole world. The park has got 4 gorilla trekking sectors or regions where tourists go, trek, and see the habituated gorillas. the four gorilla trekking regions of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park include Rushaga and Nkuringo that are situated in the southern part of the park and where both gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience take place, Buhoma gorilla trekking region in the Northern region where gorilla trekking was first registered and done in the whole of Uganda and lastly there is Ruhija sector which is located in the eastern part of the country. Each gorilla trekking region has got several gorilla families and therefore each sector can trek and gorilla’s permits for each sector can be booked or blocked by the authorized tour operator. The tour operator can block or book the gorilla trekking permit for your choice gorilla trekking sector. Usually, gorilla trekking safaris starting from Kigali to Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park tend to prefer the sectors within the southern and eastern side of the park because of the proximity to Rwanda.

Are there disadvantages of booking gorilla permits online on the UWA system?

Though blocking the gorilla permits on Uganda Wildlife Authority has been applauded and has got some challenges and disadvantages. The major challenge is that some tour operators block the permits hold them and then you find that after seven days, the permits are not bought and those who had the money cannot access them because they are blocked making them too lose the trip and even the system vacant show the company that hi holding the system such that you can inquire. At Africa Adventure vacations, we are highly recommended on trip advisor as to the best tour operator for taking gorilla safaris to Uganda with an effective booking and reservation system.

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