Is Mountain gorilla trekking hard in Uganda, Rwanda and Dr Congo

The experience of gorilla trekking is tough and challenging to visitors especially if you’re not physically fit although it is fascinating and creates a remarkable experience. 

Is Gorilla Trekking Hard?

Is gorilla trekking hard? Gorilla trekking takes place in only three countries of Africa that include Uganda, Rwanda, and the democratic republic of Congo. In Uganda, gorilla tracking takes place in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park whole in Rwanda gorilla trekking activity takes place in Volcanoes national park, and in the democratic republic of Congo, it takes place in Virunga National park.  Gorilla trekking involves visitors walking through dense forests in search of a well-habituated gorilla family.

Is gorilla trekking hard:  this is one of the commonest questions asked by visitors intending to come to Uganda or Rwanda and D.R.Congo for mountain gorilla trekking. Gorilla tracking is a popular experience rewarding activity but involves visitors moving long hours through dense and thicket forests, rivers, valleys, and sometimes tough weather conditions with armed rangers and guides in search of the endangered mountain gorillas in African wildness. The guided to ensure that you take the right path/trail and are well knowledgeable about the behaviors of the gorillas while the ranger guide is always there for your protection just in case something happens.

The experience of gorilla trekking is tough and challenging to visitors especially if you’re not physically fit although it is fascinating and creates a remarkable experience.  The hustles involved in moving long distances is what makes gorilla trekking a bit hard. You will not move comfortably in your vehicle for gorilla trekking as it is in other safari game drive activities but rather you will need to physically experience nature on food, in forests with insects and sometimes you can face rains there in the forests and because of the high altitude of gorilla parks you may get some fatigue, muscles pains and sometimes knee sores while all will be history upon landing on the trekked endangered mountain gorilla family.

Mountain gorilla trekking in the destination of Bwindi, Congo, and Rwanda is sometimes hard especially when visitors are trekking large group with over 12 individual gorillas when it comes to taking ph6otoes, and you find that it is hard because of your belongings your carrying and that’s why  Africa adventure vacations we advise you to hire the porter services that always available at the park headquarters as these will help you during your safari in handling your language th6at would interfere with your gorilla tracking experience.

Also, you will need to walk up from your sleep early in the morning and get yourself ready for gorilla adventure. Because gorilla trekking activity involving moving up and down the slopes, you are advised to carry some physical exercise to improve your physical fitness. Sometimes you may be lucky and find some gorilla families closer to the lodges where you stay but some of the gorilla’s families move in distant areas and you will need to travel as well to that long-distance to locate it and therefore if you’re not fit enough you may find the experience hard.

It is always advisable to book early the mountain gorilla permit because of the high demand of these trekking permits. It is good that you book 3 to 5 months in advance before the actual day of travel for this thrilling activity. Presently the gorilla permit is Uganda cost united states dollars 700, in Rwanda the price of a gorilla permit is more than double that Uganda at 1500 united states dollars and Congo is the cheapest destination with the price of gorilla tracking permit goes as low as 400 united states dollars.

Gorilla tour is mostly done by visitors during the dry season that runs in May up to September and December to February and this is considered as peak season. However, you can do gorilla trekking during the wet season as you likely to enjoy discounted accommodation as well as fewer crowds since this is regarded and low season. The whole implication of this is that gorilla trekking can be done throughout the year in all 3 destination countries in Africa.

In conclusion, therefore, you need to be extra prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, hard terrains, and fitness level when embarking on gorilla tracking activity. It is a hard activity especially those who are not physically fit but remember that the gorilla trekking activity depends on your fitness level and the distance moved by the gorilla family being trekked however almost 99% of the visitors in Uganda have completed the activity of gorilla tracking.

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