Igishigishigi Trail

The amazing walk via Igishigishigi trail in Nyungwe offers a chance to encounter an amazing array of unique and charming bird life

Igishigishigi Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park

Igishigishigi trail in Nyungwe forest national park is among the shortest trails in this forest. It is about 2.1 km long and it can take you 1 hour and half to hike and as you are returning from your trip, it will be easy for you since the elevation altitude of 2295m which is above the sea level. Igishigishigi trail is known for the huge majestic tree ferns along the trail and is among the most loved canopy walk site that is closer to Uwinka overlook station in the Nyungwe forest.

Travelers to Canopy walk in Nyungwe is provided with a walk to the Igishigishigi trail. Travelers always have an opportunity to watch the forest from the floors of the forest and it is such an amazing experience which allows you to see Nyungwe forest on a Canopy belt. Canopy walk can be organized at any time of the day and it always happens in 2 sessions. The morning sessions always begins at 0900 and the afternoon session begins at 1500 for the canopy walk.

Hikers to Igishigishigi trail in Nyungwe always get off the trail and later cross 3 bridges and they join the trail across a ravine and they join the other trails such as Umoyove trail or Imbaraga for such a wonderful guided walk in Nyugwe forest national park.

The amazing walk via Igishigishigi trail in Nyungwe offers a chance to encounter an amazing array of unique and charming bird life along with an expert park guide. Igishigishigi trail in Nyungwebegins from Uwinka overlook.  Chances of seeing wildflowers is a must and lucky hikers will sight various species of monkeys and fall into to the troops of Colobus Monkeys.

Most of the visitors to Nyungwe forests always love to do chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda. You will encounter these chimpanzees so fast and you move through hooting, flora and changing. It is such a charming experience once you have encountered chimpanzees’ populations playing. Nyungwe forests is known as the home of East Africa’s chimpanzee populations. Nyungwe is good to be visited in the morning so as to observe chimpanzees in their natural home. Morning is the best time to watch these chimpanzees.

Rwanda is a fascinating land which is full of amazing things like pristine forests, mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes National Park and also the golden monkeys. All these make Rwanda an epicenter for primates. Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the top destinations for many travelers. Most travelers say this is such a life changing experience that one should never miss out on.

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