How To Save Mountain gorillas In Africa

The 3 countries where mountain gorillas inhabit partnered with international conservation organizations and local people to put up durable conservation measures

How To Save Mountain gorillas In Africa

How to save mountain gorillas in Africa? Gorillas are endangered species in the wild that live in the tropical rain forest of Africa. Mountain gorillas stay in the Virunga National Park of DR Congo, volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

The 3 countries where mountain gorillas inhabit partnered with international conservation organizations and local people to put up durable conservation measures that are met to save mountain gorillas.

One way to save and protect mountain gorillas is by travelling to the natural habitat of mountain gorillas and visit them plus paying a fee asked by the respective governing boards of wildlife in their respective countries.

The fee that you pay is used to conserve the habitats of mountain gorillas plus catering for the environment in which the local people reside from.

For you to protect and conserve mountain gorillas, avoid trekking them when you are sick because gorillas resemble humans 98% DNA and hence is to attract the infectious disease from the sick human beings. Research has been done by veterinary doctors and it was confirmed that mountain gorillas are dying in big numbers because of the infectious diseases from human beings.

Common infectious diseases range from pneumonia to colds. Therefore so as to save and avoid mountain gorillas from attracting these infectious disease, the national park authority asks the sick humans not to pay a visit to the mountain gorillas for trekking.

You are also advised to keep 7 meters distant from the gorillas once you have encountered them so as to reduce the spread of the infectious disease. Tourists are advised to follow the rules and stay away from the apes and avoid touching and infecting them.

These 7 meter distance should be observed even if the gorillas meander in the traveler’s camps and lodges. You should keep distant until they move away and this will contribute to the protection and saving of mountain gorilla.

Telling your friends about the existence of mountain gorillas will also help to protect and save them.

Mountain gorillas are wild apes that are increasing in their population and they sum up to 880 in world population. If you want to buy crafts from local craft shops, avoid buying mountain gorilla products because poachers target these endangered species and if they loose market, you will have contributed to stop poaching.

Poachers also put at risk mountain gorillas since they may spread the infectious diseases to them. Therefore do not buy any product from them if you doubt it.

Once you decide to do gorilla trekking in the trekking regions, try to also participate in other activities instead of trekking the gorillas alone and leave.

Always try to keep in mind the number of trekkers allowed to conduct gorilla trekking per hour. You are allowed to do gorilla trekking when you are in a group of 8 people.

Once you follow the above rules, you will have helped in saving the mountain gorillas.

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