How To Reserve Gorilla Permits In Uganda

It is now possible that you can reserve your gorilla trekking permit to see gorillas from Africa Adventure Vacation

How To Reserve Gorilla Permits

How to reserve the gorilla permits or secure gorilla permit? Reserving the gorilla permit in the first step that one has to undergo to trek and see mountain gorillas in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. As I have said always in our articles, mountain gorillas do stay in three countries of democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and the Republic of Rwanda.

There are 4 national parks in all these three countries that have gorillas with Uganda having two of these national parks that is Mgahinga national park and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This justifies why Uganda has more than half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

The other parks include Volcanoes national park in the Republic of Rwanda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In all these parks for one to enter the park and see the gorillas must possess the gorilla trekking permit for the respective country.

Reserving mountain gorilla trekking directly

Visitors have all the avenues and freedom to reserve the gorilla trekking permits directly from each country responsible body and here I show how best you can do that. If you intend to visit Uganda and see the gorillas, what you will do is to inform the reservation office at the Uganda Wildlife Authority office by either calling them or emailing them.

Here they will check for the availability of the gorilla permits against your preferred dates of travel and then they will get back to you accordingly. Once there is availability, they will reserve the gorilla permit and they tell you how best to start making your payment and with reserving the gorilla permit directly, it will necessitate you to travel and pick your gorilla permit directly from the Uganda Wildlife head offices which are located in Kampala a few kilometers away from Entebbe international airport.

Yes, this looks more obvious but you may get delays just in case you call and they can’t pick or your email and they delay to reply. You will also need to book the transportation and accommodation facility including the airport transfers. Visitors find it easy to reserve the gorilla trekking permit with Africa Adventure Vacations because we book and organize for all you all the inclusive package to Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park for mountain gorillas.

Reserve gorilla trekking permits through Africa Adventure Vacations.

It is now possible that you can reserve your gorilla trekking permit to see gorillas from Africa Adventure Vacation or any other registered tour operation for Uganda, Rwanda, and the democratic republic of Congo Gorillas.

The moment you contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations, about your desire to do gorilla trekking in Uganda Rwanda, or Congo, we will check the availability of gorilla permits based on your preferred travel dates and then we give you the feedback depending on the number of permits that are available on your preferred dates. The moment we confirm that there is availability, then we shall reserve the gorilla permit on the UWA online system.

Remember that at Africa adventure vacations, we have got the UWA gorilla permit database and therefore we shall reserve your permit for a week that is seven days as we wait for you to make payment to secure your permit. At Africa adventure vacation, we shall reserve for you the Gorilla permit on condition that you have booked with us the whole or inclusive gorilla safari package in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why you should book and reserve gorilla permits in advance?

We advise our clients to always book and reserve gorilla trekking permits in advance because of the competition surrounding the acquisition of mountain gorillas and to avoid short notice inquires.  Mountain gorillas are few and there are about 1066 gorillas that reaming in the whole world. Still, there are only 4 National Park where these gorillas live and in three countries. More than half of the above gorillas live in Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National park in Uganda and the rest live in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Cong.

 It is important to note that gorilla trekking is one of the prominent and most adorable activities in the world and this makes it so competitive when it comes to gorilla trekking permits. Additionally, only 8 people are allowed to go and see one habituated gorilla family in a national park and this means that there is limited space for the people who want to see these precious animals.

Uganda has got over 20 habituated gorillas families as compared to Rwanda with only 10 habituated gorilla families. It is because of this reason that our clients are advised to book the gorilla trekking permit in advance for at least 4 to 5 months before the actual dates of travel. Contact Africa adventure vacations for more details about booking and reserving the gorilla permits for Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks.

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