How to get to Mweya peninsular in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National park can be accessed using both road and air transport

How To Get To Mweya Peninsula In Queen Elizabeth National Park?

How to get to Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park? Mweya peninsula is a tourism hub located in Queen Elizabeth National Park at the Northern bank of Kazinga channel when the channel enters the lake, Edward. Remember that the Kazinga channel is a body of water that is joining two lakes of Edward and Lake George. The channel drains water from Lake George and pours it into Lake Edward as water continues to Lake Albert via River Semuliki.

Most of the areas of Mweya peninsula include various trails and tracks that visitors use for game drives and these include the leopard’s loop, queen’s mile among others.  The vegetation of the Mweya peninsula is green, dense, and thicket and this sometimes makes animals a bit difficult to spot. However, areas such as the Mweya airstrip, the Kazinga channel provide the best sport for viewing the animals, and sometimes you will meet these animals across the tracks as your heading to the peninsular.

Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National park can be accessed using both road and air transport and this means that the peninsular is well accessed by visitors using both means of transport.

Road transport to Mweya peninsula:

From Kampala Uganda’s capital city, visitors will need to drive for about 7 to 8 hours on the road to access Mweya peninsular by using Kampala-Masaka- Mbarara-Kasese road. Upon reaching Katungulu where the park headquarters are, you will proceed and cross Katungulu bridge and in Katungulu trading center on your left-hand side you see an assigned post directing you to Katungulu gate, and then from this gate, it is about 15 kilometers to reach Mweya peninsular.

You can decide to use the Kabatoro gate just alongside the main road heading Katwe town council which will take you about 20 kilometers to reach the peninsular. Entrance through both gates provides wonderful views and you are likely to meet herds of elephants or buffaloes crossing the cracks as your heading to Mweya. Because of the distance, it is good that you use a four-wheel-drive vehicle strong enough to move for some long distance. In case you reach Katungulu headquarters with public transport from Kampala, you can hire a car that would take you to Mweya airstrip which is about 30000ugandan shillings but it good that you contact Africa adventure vacations as we plan for you a comfortable and inclusive safari package to the Peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national park

Air transport to Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Because of the presence of Mweya airstrip on the peninsula, visitors can as well use air transport to access Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national park. Visitors can travel for only 2hours from Kampala to the airstrip while using air transport as compared to road transport that takes more than 6 hours.

There available chartered flights at Entebbe international airport and Kajjansi airfield to airlift you up to Mweya airstrip where you can then start your safari activities in Queen Elizabeth National case you’re staying at any accommodation within Mweya peninsula then you can be picked and walk up to your lodge since it is a walkable distance from the airstrip.

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