Getting To Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo volcano is located inside Virunga national park of democratic republic of Congo about 20 km north of Goma town

How To Get To Mount Nyiragongo Volcano?

How to get to mount nyiragongo volcano? The Nyiragongo volcano is one of the largest most active volcanoes in the whole world with a caldera summit having a diameter of 1.2km having steep sided walls which make it the biggest active volcano in the entire world.  

Nyiragongo volcano stands on a height of 3470 meters above seas level it has seen a number of volcano actions causing lava to flow downhill to neighboring Goma town located on the foothills. Nyiragongo today is among the deadliest and most dangerous volcanoes in the whole world.

Where is Mount Nyiragongo Volcano located?

Mount Nyiragongo volcano is located inside Virunga national park of democratic republic of Congo about 20 km north of Goma town on the borders of DR Congo and Rwanda. The mountain today is among the most active volcanoes in the world.

It is at a height of more than 11,000 feet and its caldera peak is nearly 1.2km wide and it’s in the that you find a deep lava lake. Mountain Nyiragongo has not been studied by scientists because of political unrests with in the country.

How to get to Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano?

The journey to mountain Nyiragongo starts in Gisenyi town situated in Rwanda and it takes you about half an hour to cross the border into Goma town of DR Congo which is the nearest town to this mountain. From Goma town it’s about 9 miles to Nyiragongo volcano and it is here that all climbing adventures on mount Nyiragongo are based.

The mountain can be accessed using your hired private car or a taxi from Virunga national park at a fee of $20.

How deep is the Nyiragongo Crater Lake?

The depth of the Crater Lake remains unknown because it chances depending on the amount of magma emitted from beneath the earth, however it’s estimated to be about 600 meters. Within the crater are several platforms that were created by former lava levels. The first platform is about 20 meters from the top room close to the rim and it was formed by lava levels in 1973.

Below the first platform is another platform about 40 meters lower and this was formed in 1995 by a lava lake that drained to the neighboring area after eruption in 2002. As of today the caldera lava flow is estimated to be between 410 meters to 430 meters below the volcano ring.

When did the Nyiragongo volcano become active?

The exact time Nyiragongo volcano become active still remains unknown however, occasional bubbling, clouds of smoke, discharge of fire and even bursting of the crater walls for lava to flow have happened for many years although the first eruption happened in 1882.

Hiking Mountain Nyiragongo volcano

Mountain Nyiragongo hikes always start early in the morning and hikers are advised to be at the starting point by 9am. It’s for this reason that you are advised to sleep in the nearby Goma town to give you enough time to prepare for the hike.

There are certain things you must possess in order to participate in hiking and these include a yellow fever vaccination card as a proof of receiving the vaccine, a hiking permit which is bought at a fee of $300 per hiker. The hiking permit can only be got from the national park offices or through any trusted tour operator such as Africa Adventure Vacations who will give you a ground cost figure including permit, meals as well as porter service.

Do I need to be physically fit to climb mount Nyiragongo volcano?

The most recommended tour up mountain Nyiragongo takes about 2 days for that case you don’t need to be an athlete to climb up the mountain, however you need to be in a good health condition to successfully make it to the summit.

Also bear in mind that mountain Nyiragongo surface is not generally even as its surface is characterized with volcano rocks and the altitude is high so there is always no signs such as feeling tired, dizziness and loosing courage are likely to happen.

You should know the summit is at a height of 11400 feet so the choice is in your hands to either hike slowly or fast. The porters are always available to carry your luggage at a certain fee. Most of the hikers at Nyiragongo succeed to the top.

What to pack for a mountain Nyiragongo hike?

Warm clothing: just like any other mountain in the world, the temperatures on mountain Nyiragongo vary from warm temperatures at the lower slopes of the mountain to very cold temperatures at the top. It’s for this reason that you are advised to pack enough warm clothes and don’t think that the fact the there is a volcano at the summit there will be warm temperatures. Come with enough warm clothes because instances of freezing are very high.

A sleeping bag: you are highly advised to come along with a sleeping bag to add on top of the thin and not insulated mattresses that are available at the huts at the peak of the mountain.

Changes of clothes: during the wet season that happens from March, April to May and again in the month of November. The mountain receives heavy rainfall and for this matter you are asked to pack changing clothes.

Enough drinking water: in order to keep your body hydrated, you must pack enough drinking water as you are going to hike the mountain.

Good hiking shoes: good hiking shoes are other requirements that shouldn’t miss on your packing list. The hiking shoes give you adequate ankle support the fact that the terrain on mountain Nyiragongo is rocky and uneven.

Prescription of altitude sickness: you are advised to get proper dosage of Diamox to deal with the altitude sickness.

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