Getting to Maramagambo Forest In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visitors can access Maramagambo forest by either road or air transport

How To Access Maramagambo Forest In Queen Elizabeth National Park

How to access Maramagambo Forest? The forest is located in the Queen Elizabeth national park in its southern part of the Bushenyi District.  The forests are of tropical origin and it is home to various species including primates, mammals, and bird species among others. Maramagambo forest features the bat caves and this has been a star attraction in the Maramagambo Forest that has even attracted international visitors for research purposes.

The Maramagambo Forest is bundled by crater lakes Nyamasingiri and Kyasanduka which houses distinguished primates including red-tailed monkeys, chimpanzees, black and white monkeys, giant forest hog, yellow-backed duiker, pygmy antelopes, baboons, pottos, bush babies to mention but a few. Explore various bird species including, bat hawk, papyrus Gonolex, black bee-eater, greater flamingo, corn cake. Visitors to Maramagambo Forest will provide with finest views of Lake Katwe, Rwenzori mountain ranges, Kazinga channel, Lake George among others.

The Maramagambo forest has its deep roots from Kichwaba escarpments which are in Queen Elizabeth national park located in the western arm of the great Albertine rift valley. The spectacular feature in this forest is the stunning bat caves with built-up areas that enable the visitors to view the bats from a distance which eliminates any incidences of virus spread diseases.

Therefore; visitors can access Maramagambo forest by using both road transport and air transport from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Travelers will travel for 6 hours from Kampala by using Kampala Mbarara Bushenyi road. Travelers will need to make use of the tour operators like Africa adventure vacations for the best travel safaris. Here we shall arrange for you the best travel package including transportation, accommodation in addition to giving you a guide that is knowledgeable about the routes to pass, and the wildlife species within the park. Visitors can as well travel using personal cars and public transport means especially bus. The bus can be obtained from the bus park in Kisenyi downtown Kampala at the bus park and use buses heading to Mbarara Bushenyi and in case they are not there you can still opt to use those heading to Fort portal and connect to Kasese then to Maramagambo Forest. From Mweya, visitors will travel for about 22 kilometers to access the Maramagambo forest.

Visitors can also opt to use the air transports especially those who find road transport so tiresome. At Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield, there are scheduled chartered flights that you can use to link you to the Mweya airstrip in Queen Elizabeth National park and then link to Maramagambo Forest or you can still land at Kasese airstrip to connect to Maramagambo forest for about 26kilometers. Come and book with Africa adventure vacations for the best safari packages in Uganda and the whole of East Africa.

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