How Do I Book A Gorilla Tour In Uganda?

The gorilla tours in Uganda are on high demand and therefore we urge our esteemed clients to book the gorillas permits 2 to 3 months in advance

How Do I Book A Gorilla Tour In Uganda?

How do I book a gorilla tour in Uganda? Booking a gorilla tour in Uganda is probably the last step in preparing your gorilla safaris in Uganda. Gorilla safaris in Uganda are done in only two national parks which include Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park both located in the western part of Uganda. These parks can be accessed by road or air via Entebbe international airport and Kigali international airport in Rwanda.

Booking a gorilla tour is not difficult provided you know all the procedures you can follow. You cannot engage in Gorilla trekking tours in Uganda without securing or booking a gorilla trekking permit. All visitors to access Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and Maghinga Gorilla National park must have a gorilla permit to engage in gorilla tours in Uganda. Therefore booking gorilla tours in Uganda starts with booking a gorilla permit.

The gorilla tours or permits can be booked through the tour operator or travel agent like Africa adventure vacations or through contacting directly the Uganda wildlife authority which is responsible for the issuing of gorilla permits. You can reach the UWA headquarters which are situated in Kampala Kamwokya by using their website at www: Uganda or via their phone contacts.

If you want to book with a local tour company you need to avail us of the dates and the month of the year when you’re intending to travel for a gorilla tour in Uganda. The tour operator should check for the availability of gorilla permits on that particular dated and again get back to you to make the gorilla trekking first deposit. Your passport details will be required by sending a scanned copy which will help us the company to register your gorilla permit in your names.

Usually, its takes 2 working days for the money to be transferred to the bank and once the money is reflected on the tour operators back accounts then, a gorilla trekking permit will be acquired from Uganda wildlife Authority and photocopies of cash payments and that of gorilla permit will be sent to you electronically to conform your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.

At African adventure vacations, we recommend that you book a gorilla tour to Uganda through a well-recognized tour operator like us. Booking with a local travel agency will help you to arrange for you a complete gorilla tour package that will include accommodation transport and other safari activities you wish to participate in for example game drives in savannah parks and other important activities as they are well explained in our various packages and on our website blog menu.

The gorilla tours in Uganda are on high demand and therefore we urge our esteemed clients to book the gorillas permits 2 to 3 months in advance to avoid the last-minute hustles and inconveniences that may arise. Usually during the peak season in June up to September and December to February tickets are sold faster and therefore booking in advance here is very crucial.

Travelers can opt to go for Bwindi or Mgahinga for gorilla trekking tours but Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is the best destination since it harbors half of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas and has got over 19 habituated gorilla families that are available for trekking. The gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs 700 United States dollars for foreign nonresidents and 600 United States dollars for foreign residents. Book with us at Africa Adventure Vacations for the best gorilla tours experience in Uganda.

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