What Is The Size Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park spans the district of Rubirizi, Kasese, Kabarole, and Kanungu including Rukungiri.

How Big Is Queen Elizabeth National Park?

How big is  Queen Elizabeth National Park? The park occupies 764 square kilometers in the spectacular rolling hills comprised of water bodies including Lake Edward, Kazinga channel and bounded by Rwenzori mountains dubbed the mountains of the moon.

The park spans the district of Rubirizi, Kasese, Kabarole, and Kanungu including Rukungiri. The park is one of the most visited national parks about category 2 of the international union for conservation of nature.

Queen Elizabeth National park is under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority as the governing body overseeing all the protected areas in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National park covers the surface areas or geographical areas of 1978 square kilometers and it links to the Democratic Republic of Congo in a western direction. The volcanic crater lakes are stationed well in the western section of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The volcanic crater lakes were formed as the result of volcanicity around twenty-six million years ago during the so-called Pleistocene epoch period.

The great western arm of the rift valley spans about 2500square kilometers and this part of the rift valley takes different attractions which include Kigezi wildlife reserve, Kyambura game reserve as well as Kigezi Wildlife reserve including the prominent Queen Elizabeth National Park.  The park further includes water bodies as earlier noted which include Kazinga channel, River Ishasha, river Kyambura, Lake Gorge, and Lake Edward among several watered crater lakes.  The presence of water bodies within Queen Elizabeth National park provides a very good spot for game viewing especially animals like elephants, mammals, and birds which rush to these watering points during the dry season which priests the best time for safaris game drives in all the national parks in Uganda.

Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National park goes as far as 40 kilometers and joins the two Lakes George and Lake Edward. The channel has got the best concentration of hippopotamus in the whole of Africa and usually, animals are seen  in the channel when visitors are taking boat cruise safaris on this channel

Another important feature that you need to look at is the Kyambura gorge which is found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kyambura gorge harbors habituated chimpanzees that are available for tracking. The Kyambura River penetrates through the valley steps of the gorge and later continues to the Kazinga channel that continues to Lake Edward. When doing a boat cruise, the boat stops at the mouth of the Kazinga channel to Lake Edward. So you will be able to get a chance to see the point where the Kazinga channel powers into Lake Edward.

In the south of Queen Elizabeth national park, comes the Ishasha sector which is well known for tree-climbing lions. The Ishasha sector is so fantastic and interesting band visitors will need to travel for 100kilomters to explore the lions climbing trees and a variety of bird species including the shoebill. Don’t forget the Maramagambo forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park with a variety of crater lakes and the bat cave where you will be able to spot bats and the rock python. Come and have good moments in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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