Horse Riding In Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

During the horse riding activity, there are opportunities of moving around the grassy Warukiri range of hills which are located in the heart of the park.

Horse Riding In Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Horse riding in Lake Mburo national park Uganda is an amazing activity that takes place in the savannah park. You will get closer to the wildlife of the park as you’re doing horse riding. The black and white striped zebras are seen closely even though they keep a distant. Horse riding runs for only two hours in the hilly valleys and around the different lakes at Lake Mburo National Park. Horse riding is carried out only in Lake Mburo.

Mihingo safari lodge has almost 7 horses and is responsible for the game of horse riding in the park. 4 of the horses are ponies and for a single safari, only 6 participants are allowed to participate. Though the ride is prepared by the Mihingo Safari Lodge team, you also need to consider the climatic period and weather before preparing for a horse riding safari because during the year there are seasons of weather when few animals can be spotted.

A well experienced staff manages the game of horse riding in Lake Mburo. They will adjust the rides depending on the horse rider’s ability and experience. For the start, a rider is advised to begin by walking as is guided by the experienced guiders so as to avoid accidents.

Stretches are available for the advanced riders to trot and canter. Mihingo lodge has been operating horse riding safaris outside the park since 2008 and in 2009, it started operating inside the park after receiving a concession allowing them to operate within the park premises. Many routes where discovered in the park and this was attributed to the growth of horse riding activity.

Exhilarating rides that last for around 4- 5 hours are recommend for the experienced riders to ride in the park. During the horse riding activity, there are opportunities of moving around the grassy Warukiri range of hills which are located in the heart of the park. This means you get a chance of exploring and reaching the heart of the nature of the park

Advanced horse riders who are coming from the middle of the park and riding high on the Warukiri ridge, they are at a stunning view of 360 degrees and will be able to view the surrounding valleys and hills of the park. As you reach the furthest hill, you will spot a water hole where you will have a chance to see buffalos cooling their bodies from the shores of the lakes surrounding the park that are pure and free from dust. They are exposed for viewing on when they are at the great lakes within the park.

Horse riding in Lake Mburo has created room for the rise of new breeds of animals in the park and horses that are kept in the park include thoroughbred. This type of horse breed is said to have originated from Kenya and is known to be the strongest type of all the horses in Lake Mburo. This type of horse carries a maximum of 95 kilograms. Ponies is another type of horse that originated from Kenya. Bahari is a young stallion that was successful with sired 4 youngsters and ponies that are available for children to ride on.

The stable for the horses are positioned in an amazing location and is saturated with air and sunlight thus the conditions of horses remaining good. The stables are widely open and are aired by large boxes of horses and various padlocks are put on them, something that helps the horse to be safe from predator’s attacks like the hyenas that are located within the park. A stable team is good for providing food to the horses and keeping horses safe.

Horse riding is an organized activity and it has got program manager that govern them for night or day in the day time, horses ride alongside with zebras and they will come back to the stable boxes to take supper in the evening and to be protected from hyenas.

A system was put into the place so as to measure people who are trying to ride horses and know their weight before riding the horses. The system was mainly established so as to prevent the excess death of horses which is result of carrying over weight which is not in their abilities. The commonest weight was 100kg and not all horses can carry this load of weight and therefore majority of the horses cannot carry more than 85kgs. Therefore no visitor should feel offended when is measured his or her weight by the system because it is done for the protection of horses from rapid deaths.

Safety equipment’s are provided for those willing to do horse riding so as to be protected from accidents that might cause damage to a horse rider. Some of these equipment’s include the helmet which is put on the head of the rider and riding chaps. Strong shoes with heels are recommended for horse riding. English style saddles are the ones used for riding and this is so due to the landscape nature.

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