Hiking Lake Bujuku

Hiking to Lake Bujuku takes about 3 days.

Hiking To Lake Bujuku Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Lake Bujuku is found in the western region known as Kasese district of Uganda. It is a 5 hour drive from Kampala and is found in Mountain Rwenzori National Park. The amazing lake Bujuku is found at the head of a deep carved glacier of Bujuku valley which is positioned in between established mountains like Mountain Baker, Stanley and Speke. In the Nyamwamba valley which is reached at by the Kilembe trail, glacial moraine created the dams and this has led to the creation for 8 delightful lakes such as Lake Bujuku. Various streams and rivers originate from Rwenzori Mountain hence forming fauna and flora in the flood plains thus supporting the local communities.

Bujuku Lake Hiking

Hiking to Lake Bujuku takes about 3 days. The hike is hectic but most tourists give testimonies on how it is worth to hike the mountain. You will get tired but you will have watched a lot of exciting creatures as you are hiking.  The lake routes take you to the Bujuku River also cross to the lower Bigo bog. You will follow the steep climb that will take you to upper Bigo Bog where you will find a boardwalk being constructed and it helps walkers. In a clear weather, you will watch Mt. Stanley. After climbing the glacial moraine, you will reach at Lake Bujuku which has an estimated height 3962m above the sea level. The lake is made up of length of 1.37km.

The alpine savannah zone starts from here and it has little vegetation and it is not far from the lake Bujuku and you will meet Bujuku camp. The camp offers nice facilities beginning from sleeping facilities, cooking facilities and toilet facilities which have a single room tin hut which is used by those who are climbing at Mt Speke. The accommodation is affordable but with fascinating offers that will always excite you and make your stay at the hut more comfortable. Toilets are self-contained and the rooms look nice.

The camp provides a breathing taking view the surrounding peaks and Lake Bujuku. You can see the Stanley Plateau, Scott Elliot Pass, and Mt. Baker. The camp also helps you to see the elusive antelope. The camp is a stopover for the trip Elena hut and then to Speke or Margherita. You enjoy seeing the peaks that surround Lake Bujuku.

The dry season is the most amazing season which offers a clear view of Lake Bujuku in months of August, September, July, January, February and December. These months are known to be dry seasons and they are the best for hiking mountains in Uganda. Hiking Mount Rwenzori is done throughout the year.

There are other places in Uganda where you may do hiking and they include Mount Elgon, Mount Sabinyo, Mount Muhabura, and Mount Mgahinga. Mountain climber also like visiting game parks like Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison Falls National Park.  They also like visiting forest parks such as Kibale Forest National Park which is known for Chimpanzee trekking tours, Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Forest National Park for gorilla tracking and among others.

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