Hiking Mountain Karisimbi Volcano In Rwanda

Hiking Mountain Karisimbi is done throughout the year.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi Volcano In Rwanda

Hiking mount Karisimbi Volcano – Karismbi Mountain is the highest of all the eight Virunga volcanoes and is among the highest mountain peaks in Africa. Mountain Karisimbi is found in the north east of Goma town on the borders of DR Congo and Rwanda with a height of 4,507m. Because Mountain Karisimbi is located near the equator, it’s believed to be receiving snow during some months of the year which is wonderful.

The name Karisimbi is got from the word “amasimbi” which means snow in local Kinyarwanda. Mountain Karisimbi is believed to be a home of spirits and there are a number of legends associated with it.

Mountain hikers that come to Rwanda prefer to go hiking on Mountain Karisimbi volcano which is a difficult hike in the Virunga Massif but the best mountain hiking experience in Rwanda. Karismbi Mountain is more beautiful with a symmetrical sharp – peaked summit. The summit of Karisimbi Mountain is a branca caldera filled by viscous lava flows and two explosion craters. There is also a large Crater Muntago pit situated in the south of the summit of the basanitic – to – trachytic volcano. Unlike other volcanoes where hiking is for only one days, hiking Mountain Karisimbi takes you about 2 days before climbing down the mountain. Camping on Mountain Karisimbi is done at an elevation of 3,700m

Best time for hiking mount Karisimbi Volcano in Rwanda

Hiking Mount Karisimbi is done throughout the year. The dry seasons are the best seasons because there is less rainfall and more sunshine. The dry season happens in the month of June, July and August and starts again December, January and February. Dry season is the best time to hike Mountain Karisimbi because the trails are dry making the hiking easier. The wet / rainy season happens in the months of March, April, May and September, October and November and during these months there is a lot of rainfall which makes the trails muddy and hiking difficult. However the scenery is best during the rainy season and can turn out to be the best hiking time for those that are ready for the challenge of a difficult hike.

A list below of other mountains that make up the Virunga massif

Mountain Bisoke

Mountain Bisoke is found on the border if Rwanda with DR Congo and the mountain has an elevation of 3,711m. Mountain Bisoke is a dominant volcano with a crater lake at the summit. The Crater Lake measures 400m in diameter and 100 meters deep and fully lies in the country Rwanda.  Mountain Bisoke Crater Lake is the most famous trail for hiking tours in volcanoes national park Rwanda as hikers’ aim of getting to this Crater Lake at the top. Mountain Bisoke is located closer to the center of the Virungas and thus offers beautiful views of some other Virunga mountains.  While at the peak of Mountain Bisoke, you can catch sight the sharp peak of Mountain Mikeno in DR Congo. Hiking Mountain Bisoke is not so difficult and it can be done by none experienced hikers, however you need to be physically fit to hike the mountain. Hiking Mountain Bisoke can take 4 hours of climbing up and 4 hours of climbing down.

Mountain Gahinga

With just 3,474m, Mountain Gahinga is the shortest mountain out of the 5 in volcanoes national park. Mountain Gahinga is the least hiked mountain in volcanoes national park. For first time hikers, this might be a good one to start with before hiking other challenging mountains in the chain.

Mountain Muhabura

Mountain Muhabura is located on the borders of Uganda and Rwanda with an elevation of 4127m. It’s situated on the start/ end of the volcano chain. Hiking Mountain Muhabura gives you stunning views of the mountainous landscape. While hiking Mountain Muhabura you can see the twins lakes of Ruhondo and Burera just below. At the top of Mountain Muhabura is another beautiful crater lake. Climbing up and down mount Muhabura takes you about 6 – 8 hours. Since the mountain is quiet high, it requires one to be physically fit and committed.

Rwanda as a country has a lot to offer to visitors that want to do safaris in Africa. Apart from exploring the Virunga mountains one can visit Ngungwe forest national park for chimpanzee trekking and the famous colobus monkeys, volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking, Akagera national park for game viewing and last Giswati Mukura national park for primate watching.

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