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You are also recommended to bring only useful items as the hike is somehow difficult

Hiking Equipment For Rwenzori Mountains

Hiking equipment for Rwenzori mountains- On your trip to Rwenzori mountains national park, you need to carry your items which are essential to use during the hiking experience. You are also recommended to bring only useful items as the hike is somehow difficult so will not be an easy one with heavy luggage on your back. Though you can hire a porter to carry them you have to pay some amount. The necessary items are;

Climbing Boots

If you want to enjoy a hiking experience without any disturbance, you must not forget to bring strong climbing boots because they are important in the early stage of climbing and the hike across the glaciers and also good in the mud-covered sections of the mountain trail. Therefore, on your safari hiking boots are the most important thing you should carry for your hiking safari on the Rwenzori Mountains.

Cameras and extra batteries

Do not forget to carry a good camera with extra batteries for taking photos mostly after reaching the highest peak that to share with your loved ones when you’re back in your homeland.

Pair of Binoculars

Apart from hiking, there are also other attractions in the park so it is essential to bring binoculars with you so that you do not miss out on anything. Mostly bird lovers during hiking experience you will also have an opportunity to spot a lot of bird species.


It is also very important for successful hiking like a waterproof bag in that it will help you to pack your accessories like camera, jacket, plates, cups, and forks plus other essential items as Rwenzori Mountain can be wet at any time so this will help to keep your staffs safe.

Cooking gear

You can either pack or hire them at the park headquarters and if you want to do your cooking, carry your food, a light stove, knife, some plates, and forks. Or you can hire a cook for the trip but still plan to have at least the simple essentials such as knives, cups, plates, forks, and others.

Warm stuff

As the Rwenzori Mountains are found in tropical rainforests so we expect rain at any time even though in dry months. Therefore, you are advised to pack good warm shirts and pants, also a decent sleeping bag, waterproof gloves are very important for hiking up to the peaks.

Emergency kits

Emergency kits are also very vital for tourists who love climbing the Rwenzori Mountains.  This is because, for the last part of the journey, you will be at least a day away from even the best emergency services.


Most of the hikers hire chefs from the park headquarters, though, you can carry your food tourists are advised to carry energy-giving food, sweetened juice mixers,  glucose packs, chocolate as well as dry porridge. Water is not essential since the mountain provides lots of natural, and safe drinking water.

Walking stick

Walking stick is also important when carrying out this activity, it will help you when the trail is slippery and muddy. A walking stick will be provided at the park headquarters.


Porters are also essential on this safari as you’re Hiking Mountain so you’re recommended to hire a porter who will support you to carry your things and also help you to hike. In addition to this, each porter carries 22kg so any extra luggage is chargeable at extra cost.

Other essential parking lists are insect repellent, antibacterial wipes,   Deodorant, Face cleanser, Floss, Lip balm, Malaria tablets, Personal hygiene items like Prescriptions, Razors, Shampoo, and conditioner, Shaving gel, Soap, body lotion, comb and brush, and among others.

Tourists stop blame the trip arrangers because you also have a big part to play so that you get a great hiking experience by considering what is most important to pack for hiking safari on the Rwenzori Mountains through getting in touch with a local tour company.

After understanding the hiking equipment for Rwenzori mountains, you can extend your trip to other tourist destinations in Uganda such as Bwindi forest for mountain gorilla trekking, Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife encounter and boat ride, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee tracking.

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