Hiking in Bwindi Forest

Nature walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Hiking And Nature Walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Hiking and nature walk  in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is among the world heritage sites on the list of UNESCO;  located in the south western sides of Uganda. Kisoro, Kanungu, and Kabale are the districts where the park is found and is 331 square kilometers in coverage terms. The park is well known for mountain gorilla trekking and many tourists visit the park to experience this activity.

You can enjoy an experience with other mammals like bush pigs, African forest elephants, black and white colobus, vervet monkeys and L’Hoest’s Guenon, different bird species such as red-faced woodland warbler, mountain masked, Ruwenzori batis, green tinker bird, 220 butterfly species, chameleons, geckos and 27 frog species. There is also nature walk and hiking activities in the park.

Hiking trails in Bwindi are alternating, some are challenging while others are moderate. Some hikes may take a short while like 3-6 hours and some may even take up to a day or 2days. Hiking trails in Bwindi forest include the following;

Kashasha River Trail.

This trail takes almost 4-6 hours hiking.  Tourists explore the park via steep inclines of Buhoma-Nkuringo route that is over 600m high. Therefore a hiker might decide to start from Nkuringo or Buhoma and that means hikers will have to pass via a junction on the two rivers. The trail is within the park and this gives a chance to visitors to watch plant species, flowers and bird species. You will enjoy the scenery at Kahasha River trail.

Mubwindi Swamp Trail               

The trail here is timed for 4-5 hours. The trail takes you through slopes and jungles of the past magical rainforest. The scenery is attractive because on the way, you will see Viruga massifs and rich valleys. Still on the same trail you will encounter bush pigs, African forest elephants, black and white colobus, vervet monkeys, all stay in the forest. The mubwindi trail needs that visitors should have permission from Uganda Wildliife Authority so as to rail successfully. This is among the moderate trails and is found in the Ruhija sector of the park.

Bamboo Trail

This trail accepts hikers to hike for 7 hours and the hike is steep and is over 2607 meters above sea level thus being the highest point in Bwindi.  When you have climbed up, a visitor will watch wonderful views like the Virunga Volcanoes, Bwindi Impenetrable and of Lake Bunyonyi. For this trail, it is known as strenuous but also known as the best hike trail in Bwindi.  This trail too is found in Ruhija sector of the park.

Muzabajiro Loop Trail

For the sake of time in hiking at Muzabajiro Loop trail, a visitor uses 3-4 hours hiking as also is viewing wonderful sights and also ascending to the Rukubira hill. Visitors enjoy viewing Great Rift Valley, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Virunga massifs. The trail is done in the Buhoma sector of the park. 

The Ivy River Trail.

This hike takes a full day and is a 14km hike.  While on the trail, the visitors spot birds, wildlife and butterflies plus exploring the daily life of locals like they are seen going to Nteko market.  You can decide to start the Ivy River trail from Buhoma and Nkuringo park headquarters. The hike too is somehow moderate.

The Habinyanja (Railegh) Trail

The trail is also around 4-6 hours and visitors pass via Munyanga River as you’re sloping on the steep of Habigorogoro and Riyoyi Ridges which oversee the river of Buhoma. As visitors ascend to Habinyanja trail, various birds’ species are spotted at Habinyanja swamp thus being considered as a wonderful tail for birders. This trail is practiced in Buhoma sector.

Rushura Hill Trail

Travelers are always ready to hike on the strenuous trail, the Rushura hill which has the highest point in Buhoma sector. You begin the trail from the Buhoma park headquarters via the impenetrable forest as you view the wonderful scenic sights. As a visitor is at the top of the hill, he or she will view Bwindi impenetrable forest, Rwenzori Mountain, Virunga massifs and Western Rift Valley.

The Munyanga Waterfall Trail

This trail begins from Buhoma, passes via Nkuringo to the Ivy River. Visitors will watch the clear 33 meters high waterfalls. Birds, monkeys, orchids and beautiful butterflies are spotted as you travel through the park. The trail is also known to be moderate and good for less timers in the park.

Rusizi River Trail.      

The trail is considered to be the best for birders and keen birders will spot as many bird species as they can ever imagine. The trail can last for a full day and also some animals like duikers can be encountered as you’re on this trail.

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