Guided Nature Walks In Nyungwe

A guided nature walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park is interesting and adventurous.

Guided Nature Walks In Nyungwe Forests Rwanda.

Guided nature walks are also among the best tourist attractions in Nyungwe forest national park Rwanda. Nyungwe forest national park is found in southwestern parts of Rwanda as the only national park with a large number of unique chimpanzees plus other tourist attractions such as Nature walks, bird watching, community visits, colobus monkey tracking, a canopy walk as well as intense hikes.

Nature walks in Nyungwe forest national park provide you a great opportunity to explore more about the forest and you will be able to see various bird species in the ancient rainforest. The mountains are also full of various primate species. Nyungwe forest is also amazing and free breathtaking via its trails that were constructed in the 1980’s so that tourism at Nyungwe can be opened up.

Though tourism in the national park is not so well the 6 trails are well maintained in this area. Each trail is marked by a unique colour. Hikers may decide to use the trails that range from 2km at Buhoro trail, you walk to the woods, and as you ascend you take 10km along the imbaraga trail which brings cool wind in the forest slopes and it will take you 6 hours. The common trails may include the Igishigishi trail that has 2.1km which is 1.2 hours with spectacular tree ferns and you will have a great view of the area. The Umogota trail is also 5.5km that is 3 ½ hours that has got birds with colourful flowers, a large mahogany tree, and a waterfall. The Irebero trail is almost 3.6km which is 3 hours with a stunning viewpoint.

Visitors need to always secure and plan a well-organized chimpanzee trekking or do tracking colobus monkeys. You will have a chance to meet primates while having a walk at the coloured trails. You can’t miss out to meet these two-star billings. You will be able to also spot 11 primates such as Vervet monkey, L’hoest’s monkey, Redtail monkey, Blue monkey, Mona’s monkey, Golden cat, Giant forest, Eastern needle-clawed galago, Marsh mongoose, and Bosmanis potto, and also see the whole birdlife. You can also spot the odd mammal.

If you are looking for something or a place to relax, take a guided walk to the Nyungwe forests and come with your lovely ones to this place. Visiting this place and enjoy a great moment and taste the amazing features in the Nyungwe forest. The landscape is so nice and epic. The inner soul will be happy.

A guided nature walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park is interesting and adventurous. The guided nature walk offers tourists exciting and stunning views into and outside the national park. Tourists can do guided nature in Nyungwe forest with other activities offered in the national park such as; Canopy walk experience, chimpanzee trekking, birding, colobus monkey tracking, and many more.

When to visit Nyungwe forests for guided nature walks.

Guided nature walks in Nyungwe forest national park can be conducted all year round but it is best during the dry season of January, February, June, August, September, and December when the trails are less muddy and slippery. You have to keep in your mind that Nyungwe forest is a tropical rainforest and we expect rain at any time so come with a rain jacket, hiking boots, and many more to avoid interruptions from rainfall.

The park is made up of rain forest with amazing fauna. Rwanda is one of the best stops for safari destinations. It is the best one that is recommended for gorilla safaris and golden monkey safaris at volcanoes National Park. You can be able to see the Buffaloes, Rhinos, giraffes, hippos, and antelopes at Akagera National Park.

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