Wildlife Game Drives In Akagera National Park

Visitors can get on to a wildlife safari in Akagera national park

Guided Game Drives In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Take guided game drives in Akagera national park of Rwanda and you will love it. Visitors can get on to a wildlife safari in Akagera national park. From Kigali the capital city of Rwanda, Akagera national park is about 110 km away from the city which a 2 – 3 hours’ drive.

Visitors to Akagera national park are advised to you a good and comfortable 4 x 4-wheel drive safari car while participating in guided game drives. For those that want to do self-game drivers, there are cars available for hire. The park guides are available for hire from the park headquarters and they will join tourists on self-drives. The guides from the park are on a first come first serve basis so booking them does not make sense unlike for special groups such as school trips. There are maps available for self-drives at the reception upon arrival. There is also an information center to assist tourists with activities that are available in the park and can advise tourists on which routes are good for them.

Begin a guided game drive heading to the northern section of the park that takes you about 6 hours but bear in mind a few sightings stopovers on the route. Lions are mostly seen in the areas of Mihindi, Mutumba, Kilala, and Mohana. If you are lucky enough you will see these kings of the jungle on any of the loops in the park. Remember good times plays a significant role in the big 5 mammal sightings. You will see some, you miss out some. Mihindi loop is famous for tracking elephants and hippos but more towards the other lakeside.

Another tip being on a guided game drive safari in Akagera national park from Mutumba hills to Kitabili loop is a terrible road that needs tour full attention. There are also a lot of tsetse flies along this route so having an Air Conditioner in your safari car is ideal. Akagera national park is completely beautiful with rolling hills, flat grass, swamp, but and many different vegetation covers. Animals in the park include roan antelopes, cape eland, defassa waterbuck, lions, African elephants, leopards. Masai giraffes, buffaloes, rhinos, olive baboons, blue monkeys, duikers, bohor reedbucks, warthogs, hippos, Nile crocodiles, bush pigs, zebras among others that can be seen on a guided game drive in Akagera national park.

Another great highlight in Akagera national park is a boat cruise of Lake Ihema which happens to be the second biggest lake in Rwanda. A boat cruise on Lake Ihema lasts 2.5 hours. You will have an opportunity to spot a good number of water animals such as hippos and crocodiles as well different water birds such as shoebill stork.

Akagera national park entrance fee is $40 per person per day and if you want a park guide you will pay another $40 for a full day or $25 for a half day. Rwanda is so blessed in that you can do game drives in Akagera national park and at the same time do mountain gorilla or golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park. Those who are interesting in trekking chimpanzees should visit Nyungwe national park as well as canopy walk

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