Grande Barrier Border

Virunga national park offices are also found at Grande barrier border post and it is just 35 kilometers way from Goma town

Grande Barrier Border

Grande Barrier border is found in sides of Goma town in between the border of Congo and Rwanda. Most of tourists who are come to visit Virunga national park using this border because it is where park offices are found and all permits which allows visitors to access Virunga national park are from here. Visitors who wish to visit this park, it is best to use though there are also other borders you can use to access Virunga but this is the most good for you. At this point is where tourists are asked to show their valid tourist visa, a yellow fever card which allows you to enter the country. Tourists are always advised to plan their safari tours in time to avoid disappointments for instance to ensure that you have a valid yellow card when it is in your full names and still valid that within 10 years because failure to have them you will be not allowed to access the country though in Congo, there is possibility of getting you the shot but at high cost.  When it comes to VISA you must make sure that you have valid visa because these one cannot be issued upon arrival unless when you are flying with Ethiopian airlines into Goma, you can ask the airline to help you with a process of the visa in advance or you must have paid for a package in Virunga national park. Tourists should also note that if you want to visit other places in DR. Congo apart from Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park, you will have to get an extended visa that is costly which allows you to explore them.

Virunga national park offices are also found at Grande barrier border post and it is just 35 kilometers way from Goma town so you do not have to get lost when you reach Congo. Grande barrier border is where all park activities starts from. You will meet security convoy at this border waiting for the set departure times for the Virunga national park packages.

The Grande barrier building was opened in December 2014 and this has made the crossing of the Gisenyi-Goma border to Congo easier for the tourists coming to visit Virunga national park. Apart from tourism there are also other activities carried out from here such as agriculture, businesses and customs. Since this structure was established, the border is well organized and now it is open from 8:00 am up to 7:00pm every day, it can also be open until 10: 00 pm mostly when the season is too busy.

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