Gorilla Trekking Congo

Gorilla trekking in Virunga national park takes about 1-2 hours to meet mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Trek Congo

Gorilla trek Congo is the one of the best amazing activities carried out on safari tours to DR Congo as you may explore wildlife. DR Congo is a land locked country found in central Africa and in the past years it was called Zaire. DR Congo is known to be the 2rd largest country in Africa and it has got minerals and its tourism is increasing steadily.  The parks harbors gorillas and the tourism rotates on these species found in Virunga and Kahuzi Biega National Park. The country has lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas. The country has been through many political instabilities which have made the people to fear living in the country. This has heavily affected the tourism industry of the country but as it has been, a lot of efforts were put in place and currently the country is politically stable and tourism prevailing.

Congo has one of the 3 parks in the entire world that inhabits habituated gorillas. Visitors who are planning their tour safari in Africa for gorilla trekking, Congo is the best destination for gorilla trek and it is the only park in the Africa with two gorilla species that is lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas. You can visit either the mountain gorillas or lowland gorillas in a 5 days package. Mountain gorilla trekking in the Virunga is a wonderful experience if compared to other parks which inhabit mountain gorillas.

In Virunga national park, a visitor has a chance to encounter a gorilla family of about 44 individuals a day in one area. This family has only one dominant male gorilla which is known as the silverback marked and it has a grey stripe on the back. Silverback is marked on the head of the family and it is the one responsible to take care of other members like helping them to get what to eat and among others. Once visitors meet a gorilla family they are supposed to spend only 1 hour with these primates with the help of park rangers.

Gorilla trek Congo in Virunga national park takes about 1-2 hours to meet mountain gorillas. Tourists doing gorilla trekking in Virunga national park must have face mask while trekking, this was put in place so as to prevent the spread of air borne diseases like cough and flue, Ebola and other diseases which are likely to affect these primates from humans. Mountain gorillas of Virunga national park are amazing gorillas than other parks because they are most welcoming and tend to have a great bond with park rangers. There is also better place for harmed and younger orphaned mountain gorillas which takes care and protects them from poachers and this place is known as Senkwekwe gorilla orphaned center.

Grande Barrier is the Virunga tourism office and all activities of the park start from here. You can decide to use a public transport or a private transport by the help of a tour guide. We at Africa Adventure Vacations we can organize for you the best experience in Congo. Virunga has got skilled and well trained security personnel’s.

Kahuzi Biega National park is found in the south sides of the country and you will have an opportunity to watch these lowland gorillas once you are here. It covers an area of almost 6,000sqkm and found close to Lake Kivu and Rwanda border. The park is located close to Bukavu district and you may decide to use a boat after visiting Virunga when coming from Goma to Bukavu.  It will take you 3-7 hours to connect to Bukavu when using the road because of underdevelopment of the road. You may decide to connect using southern Rwanda at Rusizi border which only takes you a 30 minute drive to reach the nearest town that is less developed and known as a home of eastern lowland gorillas. These gorillas are unique from mountain gorillas and can easily be trekked since the permit is cheaper and is bought at 400 dollars and you can also get a budget accommodation if your pockets cannot afford luxury or mid-range accommodation. The lowland gorillas stay in flat areas that are easily accessed thus easy to trek. The park is under the UNESCO world heritage site and was first recognized in 1980 due to its unique biodiversity of eastern lowland gorillas.

Visitors who are planning for a gorilla safari in Congo can connect with Africa Adventure Vacations to plan and arrange for you a full package so that you can visit two different gorilla species.

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