Sedan Chairs In Volcanoes National park Rwanda

We organize gorilla safari tours to volcanoes national park in Rwanda for our people to go and see the gorillas that are fully habituated.

Gorilla Sedan Chairs In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Gorilla sedan chairs in Volcanoes national park Rwanda- For you to prepare well your gorilla safaris, Africa Adventure Vacations is available to always provide you with accurate and reliable information. Gorilla trekking is also acceptable for people who are disabled so that they can also be able to achieve their lifetime dream of spending time with mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park in Rwanda. In this article, we bring you the  Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs that we organize just for your day of gorilla trekking safari which enables people with special interests to see mountain gorillas.

What to know about Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs

Once the client contacts Africa adventure vacations, we will arrange and organize the so-called sedan chairs to help you trek and see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. The sedan chairs are organized to ensure that the person with a disability is carried from the starting point to the given habituated gorilla family and then back to the gorilla trekking starting point or the lodge. The person with a disability will be just allowed to sit and then be carryout to the gorillas and this is ensured by a group of about 4-5 powerful porters who are employed purposely to carry you up to where the mountain gorillas are.  By organizing sadden chairs, visitors with special interest needs will be able to trek gorillas and use less energy and when accessing Volcanoes National Park.

How to book Booking Rwanda gorilla Sedan chairs

The gorilla’s sedan chairs for visitors going to Virunga Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda can be booked any time of the year provided you contact Africa Adventure Vacations.  What we need is to you to inform us exactly when are booking for you a gorilla trekking permit to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  It is good that you book the gorilla sedan chairs for volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Just like a gorilla trekking permit, we recommend you book the sedan gorilla chairs early enough at least 4 months in advance such that we can make it possible to organize the sedan chairs for you. For you to be sure that your gorilla sedan chairs have been fully booked, you need to pay the money in advance as well such that we reserve it early enough.

How much does it cost to have Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs?

The Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs share the same price as those of Uganda and therefore the price of the gorilla sedan chair is around $500 per Rwanda sedan chair and this price includes the chair and the porters to be paid to carry you.  You should pay this fee via our bank accounts in the names of Africa Adventure Vacations to make us possible to arrange the sedan gorilla chairs for you, we also accept other modes of payment such as credit card and cash at our head office in Kampala. So you can tell us the mode of payment that is convenient to you and then for us we shall adjust accordingly.

What is Included in Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs?

Rwanda sedan chairs consist of different items that we hope that our visitors should get to know. One of the items included in the chair itself where you will sit and then be carried on from the gorilla trekking starting point at Volcanoes Park headquarters and then Back after the activity of gorilla trekking at the Headquarters.  The Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs also included a group of porters who will be paid to carry you to the forest and back. The other items not mentioned above are combined in the whole inclusive package that we do design for you.

What is excluded in Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs?

The Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs are part of the price of the inclusive gorilla trekking safari that is organized by Africa Adventure Vacations. We organize the gorilla trekking saris to Rwanda volcanoes national park for our customers to see gorillas at affordable rates or price and because of this, we organize both budget, midrange, and luxury gorillas trekking safaris from Uganda or Kigali to volcanoes National Park.  And thus we shall organize what exactly you chose based on your budget and interests.

What is excluded in our Rwanda gorilla sedan chair cost is the Rwanda gorilla trekking permit. The gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda allows spending one hour seeing the habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.  The gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda cost $1500. The gorilla trekking permit fees come with the park entrance fees, a certificate, ranger, and guides fees while doing gorilla trekking and the other activities including taking photos and recording short videos in volcanoes National park. Trackers usually during gorilla trekking wake up very early in the morning before you and trace the whereabouts of the habituated gorilla family and this activity pushes the chances of seeing gorillas in Volcanoes National Park to 98%.

What is also excluded from our Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs cost is the transport to volcanoes national park and then transfers from your lodge of stay up to the gorilla starting point that is at the park headquarters and then back. At Africa Adventure vacations, we arrange for you the transport means from Kigali International Airport in Rwanda to Volcanoes National park for your gorilla trekking activity with Rwanda gorilla sedan chairs. Further, the cost of Rwanda sedan chairs does not include the accommodation accosts. Volcanoes National park is surrounded by midrange, budget, and luxury accommodation facilities and as Africa Adventure Vacation, we shall arrange for you the best accommodation facility or lodge that suits your interests and demands.

We organize gorilla safari tours to volcanoes national park in Rwanda for our people to go and see the gorillas that are fully habituated. Every time of the year we organize different gorilla safari packages that are inclusive of the gorilla trekking permit, accommodation facility, and transportation from Kigali international Airport to Volcanoes National Park and Back to Kigali International Airport we have got 3 Day Rwanda gorilla tours to trek Volcanoes National Park and if you are interested you can combine this safari with gorilla trekking in Uganda.

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