Why are the gorilla permit price different for gorilla countries?

Yes, the gorilla trekking permit price is different for Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda

Gorilla Permit Price For Uganda, Rwanda And Congo Destinations

Gorilla permit price for Uganda, Rwanda and Congo destinations: The amount of money that you will pay for the gorilla permit will depend on the country that you will decide to visit among other factors as will be discussed. These are only three countries where gorilla trekking takes place and only countries that house the endangered mountain gorillas. The three countries lie in the tropical rain forests and where the gorillas find the life you can say that it is only in these countries where you find mountain gorillas living happily in their natural habitat. Rwanda and Uganda are located in East African and the democratic republic of Congo just neighboring Uganda the Western Direction. Due there are endangered mountain gorillas, a lot of efforts have been put in place to conserve and protect these endangered species and all the four national parks including Virunga National Park in Volcanoes National park, Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park in Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda, one must obtain a gorilla trekking permit go to visit each of the above countries to see the gorillas.

The price of gorilla trekking permits for Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo destinations

As I have said earlier, the gorilla trekking permits differ based on the country that you have visited and where you have decided to do your gorilla trekking from. However; in the three countries of Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, one must obtain a gorilla trekking permit to be allowed to trek gorillas in these countries. The gorilla trekking permit allows visitors to see, mountain gorillas for one hour, and you must book the gorilla trekking permit in advance because the gorilla trekking permit tends to sell out easily. Africa Adventure Vacation helps you by proving the gorilla trekking permit information to Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda to enable you to plan and book your gorilla trekking permit. If you choose to book with Africa adventure vacations, then you will have chosen the right pass. As long us to tell us is your intended dates of traveling to either of the above-mentioned countries for gorilla trekking, we shall immediately chance for the availability of the permits against your preferred dates and once the permits are available, we shall secure and book for you the permit after you have made the payment. Then we send you the scanned copies of the permit and your particulars for proper record keeping. we recommend that you book the gorilla trekking permit in advance because gorilla permits tend to be sold out quickly and thus you should book in advance early the gorilla permit to enable secure your gorilla trekking place in Africa. You can as well book the gorilla trekking permit 3 months before your actual dates of travel. Paying your gorilla trekking permit price in advance is a pre-requisite for us to make a booking and pay your gorilla tracking permit in time with no convenience.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, mountain gorilla trekking is done in Virunga National Park, Mountain gorilla permit is democratic Republic costs united states dollars 400 per person per trek during the high season that happens in December to March to June up to October and United States dollars 200 during due low season that happens in the months of late March to late May and mid-October to Mid-December through the year. East African citizens pay United States dollars 200 while the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo pay united states dollars 20.

In Uganda, mountain gorilla trekking safaris are done in two parts of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National and Mgahinga National Park and a gorilla trekking permit costs United States dollars 700 for foreign non-residents, 600 United States dollars for Foreign Non-Residents, and 250000 Uganda shillings for East Africa citizens. Still, it is in Uganda where gorilla habituation experience takes place and visitors spend 4 hours with mountain gorillas and a gorilla 1500.

And in Rwanda, the gorilla trekking permit cost 1500 united stated dollars in Volcanoes National Park for all time of the year however there are gorilla permits discounts to 30% as a relief to tourism travel operators. This means that it is possible now to pay United States dollars 1,050 between November and May and this has been done to attract more visitors to volcanoes national park. The condition attached to this discount is that you must have spent at least three days in Rwanda and have visited either two parks in the country including Akagera National Park and Nyungwe National Park at your own cost.

Why are the gorilla permit price different for gorilla countries?

Yes, the gorilla trekking permit price is different for Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda because gorilla trekking is such an expensive and extensive activity hence the high cost of the activity in each country. However, the prices of a gorilla permit are different for Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda because of the reasons that were are going to look at in this article.   One of the reason is the policy framework in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are different and this the price of gorilla permits are also different though all aim at conserving the gorillas. For example, Rwanda has the most expensive gorilla permit and this is because the Uganda government wants to promote Rwanda as the country with luxury tourism safaris. They aim at attracting few tourists while maintaining the quality of the environment and reducing the pressure caused by large crowds on the environment and because of this high permit of prices, the Rwandan government has been able to set up high lodges and hotels for tourists and offering favorable flights rates by Rwandan air from other countries of the world to Uganda.

In Uganda, the price of a Gorilla trekking permit is lower compared to that of Rwanda despite being the country with the highest number of mountain gorillas in the whole of Africa. We have to believe that Uganda does not do aggressive marketing but Uganda has remained using the price as the best competitive tool in the whole region. By having the lower price for gorillas Uganda has responded to the demands of various travelers worldwide who would like to see gorillas in Africa but with no chance because of high prices. Another thing is that Uganda has got a higher number of habituated mountain gorillas over 20 gorilla families in Uganda are habituated and are available for gorilla trekking by the tourists. And the gorilla trekking permits in Uganda sell out so fast and there therefore we always advise our potential clients of Africa Adventure Vacations to book their gorilla permit to Uganda in advance to avoid missing out on this wonderful activity. Lastly, Congo has got the lowest price of mountain gorillas in all three countries. You will pay only 200 United States dollars to see gorillas in Congo during the low season and 400 United States dollars during the high season. This could be that the Democratic Republic of Cong has experienced a lot of insurgence and instabilities which makes gorilla trekking in this region difficult.

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