Gorilla Groups In Virunga National Park Congo

The following are Gorilla families found in Virunga national park

Gorilla Groups In Virunga National Park.

Virunga national park has several gorilla groups in which these gorillas are grouped. Each gorilla family grows up in the family where they are groomed. There are 8 gorilla families in Virunga national park and these include Rugendo, Nyakamwe, Lulengo, kabirizi, Bageni, Munyaga, Humba and Mapuwa.

The following are Gorilla groups found in Virunga national park.

Kabirizi Gorilla Group

Kabirizi Gorilla Group is a gorilla family found in the Virunga and is amazing. It was called Ndungutse in the past. It was named so after the dominant silverback called Ndungutse. Ndungutse silverback was a humble giant silverback that led the family for quite so long and it was assassinated in 1997. Ndugutse was killed during a cross fire between DRC army and rebel group at Bukima patrol station. When Ndugutse died, the group was transferred to Kabirizi so as to honor ICCN director who had died in 1990 traffic accident. Kabirizi gorilla family involves 19 family members and is under the leadership of Silverback Kabirizi who is also a powerful humble silverback. Kabirizi was habituated in 1998. Young silverback Masibo is putting a stiff competition to the leadership of Kabirizi. Trekking Kabirizi gorilla family begins at Bukima patrol post and is such an amazing activity.

Humba Gorilla Group

Humba Gorilla family divided itself from Rugendo Gorilla family. There are 9 group members in Humba family. Humba silverback is the head of this group. Silverback Humba is the son to the silverback Rugendo who was also a former leader of Rugendo gorilla family. Humba is the leader who was in charge and led other group member to separate themselves from Rugendo gorilla family and they form their own gorilla family and they called it Humba gorilla family. Humba silverback is a brother to silverback Senkwekwe and its family is currently one of the most peaceful gorilla group that has no competition over power or leadership. You should visit this gorilla group.

Rugendo Gorilla Group

Rugendo Gorilla Group is among the oldest mountain gorilla groups found in Virunga Park. This is a mother group for many gorilla families found in the park. Mist silverbacks came from this family. The silverback came from Rugendo gorilla family and the sons to this gorilla family include mapuwa, humba and senwenkwe.

Rugendo gorilla group originally had 18 members who were led by Rugendo silverback. During Rugendo’s leadership, the family group faced a lot of power struggles and some is where Humba started fighting his father in 1998. This fight for power ender up causing the split of Humba family group from Rugendo family group. Rugendo family group currently has 9 family members with sub adult member who was got from Mapuwa gorilla group and the leader of the group is Bukima siverback.

Mapuwa Gorilla Group

Mapuwa Gorilla Group is composed of 22 family members and are led by Mveyekure and in the past the group was led by Mapuwa silverback. Mapuwa silverback was a son to Rugendo silverback. In 1998, Mapuwa split from his father Rugendo to form his own family group and it include 2 adult females that is, Mafaze and Jichi. Mapuwa silverback was famous for involving himself in an ending fights and he ended up acquiring more members in his family. In 2002, Mapuwa silverback stripped all the members of strong silverback Pilipili thus leaving him alone. Mapuwa gorilla family is always located in Jomba near Bunagana on the border of Uganda and Congo.

Lulengo Gorilla Group                                                   

Lulengo Gorilla Group was in the past known as Musekura group but later it changed its name to Lulengo which was a result of a dominant silverback in the group and for remembrance of a technical director in Virunga national park who had risked his life on the land mine. Lulengo gorilla family is composed of 9 members and it is being led by silverback Lulengo. Lulengo silverback is a born member of Rugabo family group and was first habituated gorilla group in Virunga. Rugabo gorilla group was headed by Rugabo silverback and lulengo silverback as the father. Rugabo was killed by poachers during the great lakes refugee crisis. Lulengo gorilla group is located in Jomba area of Virunga national Park near Bunagana which is at the border of Uganda and Congo.

Munyaga Gorilla Group

Munyaga Gorilla Group has 7 group members and they are found in Bukima sector of Virunga Park. Munyaga Gorilla Group was first habituated in 2010 and it got its name after their leader Munyaga silverback. The group is lucky to the fact that it received the birth of twins who were born by adult female Bilal who had joined the group from Rugendo group. So bad, the twins died later at an infant stage. Munyaga gorilla group has been through various leadership of various silverbacks. The group was led by Munyaga silverback initially but later he was succeeded by Mawazo silverback and Mawazo silverback was succeeded by Gasore silverback who is now the leader of the family group.

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group                                                                                                    

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group was currently habituated in Virunga national Park and is the newly habituated gorilla family alongside Bageni gorilla group. This family group currently has 12 family members and are led by Nyakamwe silverback. Nyakamwe gorilla group is currently the 2rd largest gorilla group in Virunga and DR Congo at large. It’s also a peaceful gorilla family that is not struggling with power fights.

Bageni Gorilla Group   

Bageni Gorilla Group is made up of 26 gorilla group members and this makes it the larget gorilla group in Virunga National Park. Bageni silverback is the leader of Bageni gorilla group and the name came from him. Because it has more group members with more than 1 silverback, there is a lot of power struggle in the family. The leadership struggle of power is in between Bageni the current leader silverback and kanamaharagi and kitagenda silverbacks.

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