Gorilla Families In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

These gorilla families are categorized into easy trek, medium trek and difficult trek.

Gorilla Families In Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla families in volcanoes national park- There are now 12 gorilla families in volcanoes national park Rwanda and all are open for gorilla trekking. These gorilla families are categorized into easy trek, medium trek and difficult trek. In this article below, we are going to show you details of gorilla families in volcanoes national park Rwanda and the allocation is done by park authorities when the guests are done with briefing at the park headquarters on the day of trekking.

Kukira Gorilla Family – Susa A

Also known as Susa A, the group is situated in volcanoes national park and is headed by a male silverback called Kukira Alpha. Susa A is the oldest gorilla family in the park and it started during the time of Dian Fossey an American primatologist in 1974 with 7 mountain gorillas. The gorilla families with time expanded to 42 gorilla families and this forced the group to split into two forming Susa B (Igisha). In 2004, this gorilla family suffered a terrible poaching attack where it lost 2 adult gorillas who had been protecting their infants from poachers in volcanoes national park Rwanda. Among the interesting features of mountain gorillas is that they protect their young ones from danger just like human beings even to death.

The Igisha Group – Susa B

Susa B group separated from Susa A group in 2014, Igisha is apparently led by a male mountain gorilla silverback called Igisha. The gorilla family was formerly known as Susa B but was later renamed after the head silver back Igisha. As of today Igisha gorilla family is made up of 26 members and is one of the biggest gorilla groups in volcanoes national park. Igisha group is graded in the gorilla groups that are difficult to trek in volcanoes national park. The name Susa originates from a nearby river in the area where these gorillas reside.

Karisimbi group

Karisimbi gorilla group split from original Susa A because of numerous fights. The group is situated on mountain Karisimbi which happens to be the tallest mountain among the Virunga Mountains with an elevation of 4,507 meters. The group is made up of 11 members including 4 silverback, 1 adult female, 1 black back, and 2 infants. Karisimbi gorilla family is categorized in the gorilla groups considered to be difficult in trekking hence trekkers must be physically well. Karisimbi gorilla family is believed to have found its home at the top of the Karisimbi caldera slopes and this implies that you can spend whole day trekking these giant apes. In most cases they roam on top of the mountain making the trek a bit difficult but it’s one of the rewarding mountain gorilla groups in volcanoes national park Rwanda.

Umubano gorilla group

The word Umubano is a Kinyarwanda word to mean neighborliness. The gorilla group is made up of 13 individuals; 1 silverback, 1 black back, 3 adult females, 1 sub adult male gorilla and 6 baby gorillas. Umubano was one part of the Amahoro gorilla family but it split after Ubumwe silverback was challenged by Umubano. By the time Charles became a silverback gorilla like Ubumwe, there were constant battles between Ubumwe and Charles because Charles would not follow the orders of the group and at the end decided to form his own group because he was old and couldn’t stand being led and given orders by Ubumwe. After the fight which took several weeks and months, Charles succeeded and broke away with some of the Ubumwe’s family members and formed Umubano family.

Sabyinyo gorilla group

Sabyinyo gorilla group is one of the easily accessible gorilla groups located at the slopes of mountain Sabyinyo. Sabyinyo gorilla group is led by the famous largest and the most powerful silverback gorilla called Guhonda in all gorilla families found in volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Guhonda has kept his challenger Ryango away from his gorilla group and he is now a lonely silverback. The group was named after mountain Sabyinyo because it’s where they reside. The word Sabyinyo means old man’s teeth. Sabyinyo gorilla group comprises of 8 individuals; 1 Silverback, 1 non adult female, 3 adult females, one baby and 2 juveniles. This group can be trekked from mountain Gahinga or mountain Sabyinyo.

Hirwa gorilla group

The name Hirwa means lucky. The group was formed in June 2006 at a time when trackers witness its creation from other rising gorillas from 2 various gorilla families. Hirwa gorilla group is made up of 9 individuals; 1 silverback, 2 sub adult females, 3 adult female gorillas and 3 babies.

Kwitonda gorilla group

Kwitonda gorilla family comprises of 18 members and is led by Kwitonda a male silverback gorillas. This gorilla group migrated from Virunga national park of DR Congo in 2003. Tracking this group takes a lot of time because it is one of the terrifying gorilla groups in the park just like the Susa B group.

Isimbi gorilla group

Isimbi gorilla group is led by Muturengere which is a male silver back gorilla, Isimbi group is found on the slopes of Mountain Karisimbi in volcanoes national park. The group was led by Getty who passed away because of pneumonia. Isimbi gorilla group spilt from Karisimbi gorilla family in April 2013 because it was too large. Isimbi gorilla group is graded as a medium trek and watching the group is quite rewarding. The group comprises of 13 members.

Titus gorilla family

The name Titus was got from the head of the group silverback gorillas. This group is one of the oldest groups formed at the time of Dian Fossey when she was still studying about mountain gorillas at Karisoke research center. At the time, Dian Fossey was fighting poaching especially on mountain gorillas. Titus is the only gorilla family that survived in his group and created Titus family and this group is one of the oldest gorilla families in volcanoes national park. Unfortunately Titus died in September 2009 at the age of 35. Titus gorilla family has 7 members. Titus gorilla family is graded as a medium trek and is located on the slopes of mountain Bisoke and mountain Karisimbi.

Agasha family – 13 group

This group is popularly known as Agasha family. At the time of habituation, Agasha had on 13 members but apparently it has 25 members; 1 silver back, 2 sub adult females, 12 adult females, 7 babies and 3 juveniles. Before it was led by Nyakarima but later it fought with Agasha and Agasha defeated the battle and took over the family. Agasha moved with the group members to volcanoes national park in Rwanda and made sure that Nyakarima never finds them again. Agasha family is one of the largest gorilla families comprising of 25 members. Agasha is always suspicious of other silverbacks and what he does is to continue moving to the top of the volcano. For those who want to track this group, they must be physically fit to hike to the top of the volcano to see Agasha and his group members.

Muhoza gorilla group

This gorilla group is named after 460 pound alpha male silverback. Muhoza gorilla group is made up of 12 individuals of different ages. Muhoza is the newly introduced gorilla family in volcanoes national park Rwanda. The group is led by the youngest silverback Muhoza. Muhoza gorilla group is graded as an easy family to trek in volcanoes national park because it’s found on the lower slopes of the mountain.

The gorilla families in volcanoes national park Rwanda continue to grow and this is because of the collective effort of conservation and sustainability by the people around the park and the contribution through gorilla trekking. Apart from gorilla trekking, tourists can visit Akagera national park to see wild animals including the big five, Giswati Mukura national park for primate viewing and Ngungwe forest national park for chimpanzee trekking.

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