Goma In Congo

Goma is considered to be the capital of Northern Province of Kivu.

Goma Town

Goma Town is found in DR Congo which is one of the biggest nations in Africa. It is found in the eastern sides of the country and on the border of Rwanda.

Another side of Rwanda border is Gisenyi. Goma is considered to be the capital of Northern Province of Kivu.

Goma is just 20km away from the active border Volcano Nyiragongo. And in 2002 eruption, the lava stream flew towards the town and almost 400, 000 people left the city and went to the neighborhood Rwanda.

The lava streamed up to the Lake Kivu and Goma airport was covered.

Remains of lava in big piles are still existing around this town and many of the fences in the area are constructed with this material.

You will find a golden colored statue of a man with a chukudu at the center of a traffic circle right after crossing the border with Rwanda.

The statue is like a communistic statue with a pretty odd feature to look at in the middle of Africa.

The main airports of DR Congo are somehow very far from the tourist attractions thus most tourists always fly to Kigali and later travel on land via Goma and Gisenyi and then reach attractions like Virunga National Park which takes you almost 3 hours from Kigali Rwanda’s Capital city.

You will spot some NGO offices in the town and also some military patrols. The military patrol officers are around town doing their work and therefore you should not be scared of them.

Some of these military officers work for the UN and will be spotted in full combat in most cases.

You may opt to spend a day or two at Goma as you are on your way to hike up to the Nyragongo Volcano or going for mountain gorilla trekking in DR Congo.

If you wish to visit Goma town and you really have an opportunity do not misuse it because it is an experience you will never forget.

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