Golden Monkey Trekking In Mgahinga National Park

Golden monkeys stay in bamboo forested areas and they are located in Virunga Volcanoes where Mgahinga Park lies

Golden Monkey Trekking In Mgahinga National Park.

Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is such a wonderful activity a traveler can do when in the park as you are their for a primate safari. Golden Monkeys are endangered wild animals with around 3000-4000 individuals in the world. The golden monkeys have variety of colors like grey, black and beautiful shade of orange-gold which makes them to qualify to be called golden monkeys. Golden Monkeys always stay in a group of 100 individuals and they are always led by an Alpha male and they always stay in the location for a long time which is not the sake for gorillas. Golden monkeys eat bamboo leaves, flowers, sprouts, lichens, seasonal fruits and small invertebrates and these all are abundant in the forest.

Golden monkeys stay in bamboo forested areas and they are located in Virunga Volcanoes where Mgahinga Park lies. Golden monkeys are endemic and they share their home with the mountain gorillas. The park is found in the south western parts of Uganda. Golden Monkey can only be found in Mgahinga gorilla National Park.

Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga involves tourists to hike in the forest as they are in search for golden monkeys in the habitants. The activity begins at 8am with a briefing of what is expected from you. Golden monkeys exhibition contribute to the noise of the forest because they are seen jumping from one bamboo tree to another looking for food and as they play. Travelers are given one hour to explore the golden monkeys as they are tracked at a starting point. The activity may be hectic and it might take even 3 hours as monkeys live in lower areas. Persons under 12 years of age are not allowed to track golden monkey in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

For better golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga, travelers are required to have a right gear like long sleeved shirts, good hiking shoes, insect repellants, rain jackets, energy giving snacks, binoculars for the birders and water refreshment during the hike. A hiking stick can also be found in a handy. A porter can be hired at the start of the trek like carrying backpack to support you in the slippery paths as it pulls you and pushes you.

Travelers are required to first book golden monkey tracking permits because they are used as a passage to take part in the activity. The permit costs $60 for foreign nonresidents and foreign residents while East African citizens are requested to pay 40,000UGX per person and is used at once. You can purchase the permits from the park headquarters of Ntebeko or you can use a reputable tour operator.

Trackers can do golden Monkey trekking in Mgahinga throughout the year.  You can visit Mgahinga at any time that is convenient to you and I assure you will participate in the activity. Mgahinga National Park is easily reached through air and road. You can drive on road for 9-10 hours to reach the park when coming from Kampala. Charter flights can be organized for those who want to fly from Entebbe to Kisoro where travelers are picked and transported to the park. You can easily access the park from Rwanda. Travelers may decide to fly directly from Rwanda to Mgahinga and it can be a 4 hour drive from Kigali to Mgahinga Park via the Cyanika or Katuna border.

Those travelers who want to stay long with golden monkeys can decide to do golden monkey habituation. Habituation is a process of getting used to behaviors and nature of golden monkeys with the help of researchers and experts. One can purchase a golden monkey habituation permit at $100 for foreign nonresidents and foreign residents and East African citizens can pay 100,000UGX.

There are many more activities in Mgahinga besides golden monkey tracking and some of these activities are gorilla tracking, nature hikes, and bird watching, visiting natives and Batwa cultural trail and among others.

Golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga is an amazing activity that visitors should not miss out. You can book with us because we are a trusted tour operator that can give you the best holiday of your life.

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