Golden Monkey Safaris In Mgahinga Uganda And Volcanoes Rwanda

Golden monkeys are located in two countries of Mgahinga National park in Uganda and the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. 

Golden Monkey Safaris In Uganda and Rwanda

Golden monkey safaris in Rwanda and Uganda are done from volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park respectively. Have you ever heard of golden monkeys? Would you like to go and see the golden monkeys but you don’t know where to start from and what to do? Golden monkey safaris are organized by Africa Adventure Vacations and they are done in two parks of east Africa. The golden monkeys are located in two countries of Mgahinga National park in Uganda and the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  In Uganda Mgahinga National park, Golden monkeys stay and live in harmony with mountain gorillas this is where the gold meets the silver as some people call it.  Golden monkeys have also endangered the same as mountain gorillas and therefore all the efforts are on towards protecting these primates. At Africa Adventure vacations, we provide you with all opportunities to travel with us and see the golden monkey in Uganda and Rwanda.

Golden monkey tracking permits

Visitors interested in golden monkey tracking in both volcanoes national park and Mgahinga National Park will need to have a golden monkey tracking permit, you can book the golden monkey tracking permit either from Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda or Rwanda Development Board or through a well reputable and trusted tour operator like Africa adventure vacations.  The price of golden money trekking permits in Uganda that is in Mgahinga national park is at$60  and  $100  gorilla trekking permits in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. The moment you contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations, we will check for the availability of golden monkey trekking permits in both Uganda and Rwanda and then be booked and then reserved. However, we book the golden monkey trekking permits for visitors who book their whole safari with us.

Essentials for successful golden monkey trekking safaris

Golden monkey trekking safaris take place in only two national parks of Mgahinga Gold national park in Uganda and volcanoes national park found in Rwanda. These countries are neighbors and therefore you can as well do the experience in both parks.  In each of these parks, there are habituated families of golden monkeys that are available for tracking. At Africa Adventure Vacations, we organize the golden monkey trekking safaris successfully to the mentioned national parks. However, your golden monkey trekking safari to be successful. In both Mgahinga and Volcanoes National park, you will need to have a golden monkey trekking permit as essential, book the accommodation and then transport from to and from Volcanoes National park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Golden Monkey habituation experience safaris

Apart from golden monkey tracking, one can also engage in a golden monkey habituation experience where one will be allowed to spend 4 hours with golden monkeys instead of one hour. The golden monkey habituation experience only happens in Mgahinga national park and this time, not in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Visitors will get involved not only in seeing the golden monkeys but also engage in the activities that researchers and trackers use to train a golden monkey to get used to the people. The golden monkey habituation process costs $100 United States dollars and again it can be booked through Uganda Wildlife Authority or Africa Adventure Vacations.

What is included in Golden monkey safaris?

For our golden monkey safari packages to Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda include some of the items such as the golden monkey trekking permit which will enable you to see the golden monkeys for one hour. The golden monkey trekking permit includes park entrance fees, the cost of the ranger, security, and protection within the parks. Also what is included in the cost of the accommodation facilities especially to those in and around Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and the volcanoes National park. The accommodation facilities range from budget, mid-range, and luxury lodges or in Kisoro town or Kigali town and this will depend on your budget and interests. All the lodges booked features meals offered on a full board basis and most lodges have internet connectivity.  It is also advisable that you stay in the lodges near the respective national parks to avoid delays.

Included also is the cost of transportation from Kigali to Mgahinga National park or volcanoes National and back to Kigali International Airport or transportation from Kampala/Entebbe to Mgahinga national park and then back. Our vehicles are well stationed in Kigali and Kampala or Entebbe and we offer 4×4 vehicles that will transport transfer you from Kigali or Kampala Volcanoes National Park and to Mgahinga National Park respectively. These vehicles are manned by well-experienced tour guides speaking in both local and international languages. Excluded in our golden monkey trekking safaris include personal expenses such as tipping, international flights, visa, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes for those who smoke among others. Contact us at Africa adventure Vacations for more details.

Other activities that you can add to your Golden monkey safaris

Community tours

There is a rich cultural community known as Iby’wachu cultural village which is adjacent to Volcanoes national park in Rwanda close to Musanze near Kinigi. The community village was mainly composed of poachers who were integrated into the conservation efforts of mountain gorillas and other primates. Visits to this community is an interesting tour as other than gorilla trekking and Golden monkey tracking you will be able to get the whole insight of the social and economic status of the local people well known as Rwandese.

Uganda s Mgahinga National park has got the Batwa community experience who were the occupants of Bwindi forest as their home. From here the community started the new life outside the forest and started other activities without relying on the forest as the source of food and livelihood these people lived as food gathers and hunters and your visitors will get a chance to meet these people and learn more about them in terms of their daily activities

Gorilla trekking

In Mgahinga and Volcanoes national parks, it where you can find both the gorillas and the golden monkeys in the whole of East Africa. These two primates live harmoniously and this means that visitors doing golden monkey tracking in these parks can as well spend another night and do gorilla trekking in the same parks.

Gorilla trekking safaris in Mgahinga cost United States dollars USD700.00 per person per trek and United States Dollars 1500 per trek per person in Volcanoes national park. Similarly, only one hour is allocated for gorilla viewing during gorilla trekking. Visitors are advised to book the gorilla trekking permit early in advance since they are always in high demand.

Hiking experience

While visiting Volcanoes national park and Mgahinga National Park, you will get a chance to follow the established trails within the park for hiking. The hikes are very interesting and you gave have 4 trails with 4 guided hours as you meet the primates and different plant life.

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