Getting To Virunga National Park by Road, Air and Water Transport

You can reach Virunga national Park by using road or air transport and this depends on your budget

Getting To Virunga National Park by Road, Air and Water Transport

Most visitors inquire all possible ways of getting to Virunga National Park in DR Congo by Road, Air and Water Transport. Tourists only need to first organize all the necessary documents that allow them to enter DR Congo. Virunga national park is just a 15 minute ride to reach Goma town which is the major hub for travelers coming to Virunga for tourism reasons. Virunga National park has been in existence since 1925 and is the oldest park in Africa to be protected.  Virunga national is an important park and is also listed on the world heritage parks that are in danger by United Nations Educational Scientific and cultural organization in the 1994. In 1972 the list was to protect places of great heritage but are at risk of extinction and it was created to make awareness to the public about what was taking place in the park.

If you want to visit Virunga National Park for a safari within, you will have to reach the park first and it is very easily reached because the transport systems improved and the security systems. These make sure that you access the park without any disturbances.

You can reach Virunga national Park by using road or air transport and this depends on your budget. No matter the means of transport you are to use, it is a sure deal that you will have a memorable experience once you reach the park premises.

Getting To Virunga by Road Transport

After finishing to make your tour arrangements with any trustworthy tour operator like Africa Adventure Vacations, you will be driven to Goma town and on reaching, the park will organize a security convoy who are armed and you are not supposed to be worried about the convoy since it is to take care of your security and making sure you are safe guarded with your property because as Congo country, it has been suffering from unending wars. Virunga is currently safe for travelers to visit and enjoy their interesting activities in the DR Congo.

Those foreign tourists who are using the road transport means to access the park from Uganda or Rwanda will be able to reach the park. Those who are from Uganda will find the park through taking the route to Kisoro district and further proceed to Bunagana border post which is a border to Uganda and DR Congo and finally go to Bukima where a park personnel is ready to take you to the park without any harm happening on you.

When coming from Rwanda, you can take the route that takes you through Gisenyi town that will provide you amazing views as you further your journey to Goma town where the park’s security team is prepared to receive you and take you to the park so that you can participate in the large number of activities that occur in the park. Note that using road transport means that you will spend long time on the way and you will be happy with the good road systems in the country.

Getting To Virunga by Air Transport

Air Transport is commonly used by luxury tourists who want to reach the park in a shortest period of time. This is true, using air transport means is such a quick means of transport to reach the park without any exhaustion on the journey to the park. Ethiopian Airlines organize a flight for a tourist to fly direct to the park on a daily basis flights to Goma town where a guide will pick you and drives you direct to the park thus enabling you to participate in various activities after such a short period of time.

You can also fly into Rwanda using the Kigali International airport.  There are various international air carriers who land at the airport and it is wise to check with the favorite depending on your home. If you decide to fly to Rwanda first and connect to Virunga national park later for tourist activities, it is wise to book a flight which will be landing in Rwanda before 8am so as to enable you catch up with the activities in time. You can also decide to book a flight and come to the country before your next day of resuming to the activities of the park at around 7:30 am.

Getting To Virunga by Water Transport

Daily boat transfers are available and take place between Goma and Bukavu. Therefore if you want to do a gorilla visit to the lowland gorillas at Kahuzi Biega, you will need to have booked morning boat transfer from Bukavu port to Goma port and then connect to Virunga for gorilla trekking or Nyiragongo hike. The boat transfer takes only 3 hours ride and they cost 50 dollars or less. You can also take 7 hours ferry ride from Goma to Bukavu and you will be able to book accommodation to Goma and this will enable you to begin a fresh tour for the next day at a certain located time.

In conclusion, it is recommended that before you book a flight into DR Congo or Rwanda, it is good you first consult with your travel operator to see if your date and time match with the package you are interested in because packages of Virunga have specific set off days and times, for example, packages taking you to Rumangabo sector which is Bukima Lodge and Mikeno Lodge visitors always set off from Goma on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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