Fort Portal Tourism City

This tourism city is the main entrance or point of entry for different travel destinations within the southwestern and western parts of Uganda

Fort Portal Tourism City

Fort portal tourism town has just been granted city status by the government of Uganda starting with this financial year that started in June 2020. Fort portal is regarded as a tourist city due to its location amidst tourism resources. Fort portal city is located in Kabarole district in the Kingdom of Toro led by Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Igulu.

The city is located about 50 kilometers north of the Kasese district and near Queen Elizabeth National Park, visitors will need to move for about twenty-six kilometers from Kibale Forest National Park. Fort portal tourism city is central within the Toro kingdom and it is where the king’s palace is situated.  The city of Fort portal was constructed in the 1960s and named after Sir Gerald Portal who had come on his official visit to Uganda and decided to visit Fort portal.

Since its establishment, the Fort portal town has undergone several and rapid developments in terms of infrastructure development such as hotels, banks, lodges, and road improvements. The development of these infrastructures has been attributed to the presence of tourism sites that have attracted the interest of investors within the city.

The development and existence of majorly the natural tourism resources make Fort portal city the perfect destination for your safari in Uganda. It is where Kibale Forest National Park is located. Kibale Forest National Park is home to 13 primate species and unique birds worth watching. Other than, Kibale Park you will enjoy other attractions such as crater lakes, distinguished caves, and falls of Amabere Ganyinamwiru, the king’s palace among others.

Bigodi wetland sanctuary exploration, chimpanzee tracking safaris, hiking and nature walk safaris, habituation experience of chimpanzees, crater lakes exploration and other safari activities can be easily found and done from Fort portal tourism city. Among the different cities within Uganda, Fort portal has been regarded as a city that is recommended worth visiting.

This tourism city is the main entrance or point of entry for different travel destinations within the southwestern and western parts of Uganda. Visitors linking to Kibale Forest national park, mountain Ruwenzori National, Queen Elizabeth national park which is about 2 to 3 hours from Fort portal city, Semuliki National Park which is about 3 hours from Fort portal tourism city.

Visitors heading to Fort portal can do so by using Kampala city Mbarara city then Kasese and land in the tourism city of Fort portal. This route is longer taking about eight to nine hours however you will be enticed with different areas of interest where you can make stopovers. You can as well decide to use Kampala city, Mityana then Fort portal. This is an easy and shorter route and you will need only 3 hours to reach Fort portal tourism city from Kampala.

The Fort portal is dominated by majorly two tribes of Bakiga and the Batoro.  The Batoro are the original natives of this town or Fort portal areas but they were later joined by the baking who settles this place as immigrants from Kigezi hills in western Uganda. All of the tribes have an interesting culture expressed in this way of taking, dance and drama. You can immerse into this culture by following their experience through an organized cultural home and tour within Fort portal tourism city.

The culture of the Batooro is visible and they are a few tribes that still maintain their hereditary kingdom ship. The Batoro fall under the kingdom ship of Omukama and who was crowned at just 3 years old after the death of his father. The king’s place is in the middle of the city and it acts as a major tourist attraction to visitors visiting the Kibale Forest National Park which is only 26 kilometers from Fort portal city. Book with Africa adventure vacations for the best safari services in Fort portal.

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