Flamingoes In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Uganda is one of the best birding destinations not only in Africa but in the world as well

Flamingoes In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Flamingoes in Queen Elizabeth National Park: These are one of the unique birds that are difficult to find in most destinations all over the world. Flamingoes are known by their scientific name as Phoeniconaias minor. The lesser flamingo features unique bird species that visitors wish to explore on their safari trip in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  The lesser flamingos thrive in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of India. Lesser flamingoes only fall in the Phoeniconaias genus.

The lesser type of flamingoes are regarded as the smallest of all flamingoes besides it is a tall and large seen by tourists coming to Uganda for bird-watching safaris. Birding safaris are done in several destinations in Uganda including all the national parks in Uganda but Queen Elizabeth national park presents the best opportunity for the visitors to see the lesser flamingoes. Flamingo’s height is averagely between 80 to 90 centimeters and their weight is around 1 to 3 kilograms. The length of the body of flamingoes from the beak straight to the tail is about 90 to 105 centimeters exactly similar to that of a wingspan.

The features of the lesser flamingo birds are presented in pinkish white color and the majority of the flamingo birds feed on algae especially found in alkaline salty lakes and Spirulina like that of lake Munyanyangwe where people are exploring these birds on their birding safaris tours in Uganda.

The flamingoes find life in the mud where they built their nests call them mud nests that spread to thirty centimeters to ensure the temperature is well regulated and the nests are not carried away by floods. Each flamingo bird lays a single egg that is chalk colored that is protected and incubated by both the male and female flamingoes. The incubation takes 28 days and after the hatching, the chick eats its eggshell provided it has got the liquid soap that is supplied to it by the parents for some few months of the year. Later the chicks join the tableaux that can multiply into thousands just soon.

Uganda is one of the best birding destinations not only in Africa but in the world as well. There are over 1078 bird species registered in Uganda and the birds can be seen in several sites within Uganda.  East Africa as the region has very many flamingoes and Uganda is one of the few countries with flamingo birds that you can come and explore during your bird watching trips in Uganda. Flamingo in Uganda is found in Queen Elizabeth national park especially in Lake Munyanyange situated in Katwe tracks within Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lake Munyanyange is a crater lake that provides a seasonal water source. It’s of crater origin and it has its base in the Northeastern direction of Katwe Kabatooro in the salt sphere of the areas. These birds apart from having flamingo birds are always filled with migratory birds provided you time very well and surely you will be able to sport the lesser black-backed gulls, among other bird species.

Birds migrate from Canada, Kenya, and other outside countries to come and converge at this lake and it is only in Queen Elizabeth National Park where these birds migrate too however the whole park is full of different bird species and Queen Elizabeth National Park itself features over 600 bird species and thus your trip to this park presents a memorable experience especially if you’re a birder.

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