Booking fishing safaris in Jinja.

Anglers can be in touch with Africa Adventures Vacations for an advice from the experts on how, when and where to do fishing.

Fishing Safaris In Jinja On Lake Victoria In Uganda

Are you looking for fishing safaris in jinja on Lake Victoria in Uganda? Jinja is among the biggest cities in Uganda and it borders Lake Victoria. The City of Jinja is known as the adventure stop of Uganda which offers tourists a lot of activities which range from white water rafting,  bungee jumping, boat cruise, horseback riding and good for the Anglers. Jinja is a hot spot for fishing with the known Nile perch in the lagoons of the city.

Jinja is found in the eastern parts of Uganda and on the shore of lake Victoria. At the coronation of the park, the source of river is marked by a garden and a monument which honors the British explorer known as John Henning ton Speke. Bujagali Dam and Owen falls dam both span the Nile. In the north of the river, Itanda falls are also famous for the white water rapids. East of Jinja, Samuka Island and Lake Victoria are a home for the birdlife which includes cormorants, egrets, and kingfishers.

Jinja is found 80km from Kampala and is the hot spot for the weekend escapes from the busy city. Fishing in Jinja is commonly done by the Anglers and they shouldn’t miss out as there are various breeding areas where you can find the Nile perch on Lure

Where to do fishing in Jinja?

Jinja is the source of River Nile and the state of the rapids which make it nearer to be impossible to fish on the river. Fishing is carried out in the lagoons of Lake Victoria and there are many resorts situated near the lake. This is the base for the fishing safari.

How to book fishing safaris in Jinja.

Anglers can be in touch with Africa Adventures Vacations for an advice from the experts on how, when and where to do fishing. You should be careful of the tour operators who are selling leisure fishing tours.

How is sport fishing done in Jinja?

Fishing in Jinja is carried out using a motorized speed boat by the trolls using the lures. They swim between 1.5 to 3 meters deep as the Nile perch is trying to attack the prey.

Best time to go sport fishing in Jinja Uganda

Fishing in Jinja is always done during the dry season which is from June to August and from December to February. During this time, the lake is calm which not the sake with the rainy season is choppy thus making navigation difficult.

Which accommodation to book in Jinja during sport fishing safari?

Jinja provides various accommodation options with Lamela wild waters lodge as the most recommended one. There are also hotels like Black Lantern and Haven river lodge. They are somehow far from the main town and you will receive a special treat that is worthy your money.

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