Fishing For Nile Perch In Murchison Falls Uganda

Nile perch stay in Africa’s great Rift Valley Lakes and Nile River system.

Fishing For Nile Perch On The Nile River In Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Are you interested fishing for Nile perch on the Nile River in Murchison falls national park Uganda? Most fish Anglers always look out for Nile perch once they are in Uganda. The massive fish breeds below the flows at Murchison falls and fishing is done at the top of the falls. This is so exciting for anglers because they like to get and experience the hippos and crocodiles thus making it the most exceptional spots for fishing the Nile Perch.

Part of the river which is about 100 kms is protected and please note that commercial fishing is not allowed in this place hence making it more advantageous as this will make the waters not be disturbed.

Nile perch stay in Africa’s great Rift Valley Lakes and Nile River system. The largest fish put to book is about 232kg and it is the one that is the largest that has ever landed on rod and line and it was caught by the Irishman known as Tim Smith and it weighed about 256lb. the fish was subdued after the battle which was not far below Murchison falls and on the Victoria Nile and this almost a crocodile take out an angler from the boat during the tussle. Anglers pursue the monsters using certain tactics and hardware that should and can never run out of stock in the deep blue sea. Large reels, deep driving lures are found in the depths of 30ft or on the lakes of Victoria and Nasser. On the rivers more turbid waters like large live baits up to 21/21b, breath taking Murchison falls and are suspected under brightly colored balloons.

Are you searching for other fish species expected to catch besides the Nile perch? Yes, the river is known for having various fish species but the main ones which the Anglers are always looking for are the Vundu cat fish, the Sudan cat fish , yellow fish, tilapia among others

Is it safe to fish on the River Nile in Murchison falls national park?

The river is safe for fishing and many visitors are always cautioned of the hippos and Nile crocodiles and are the largest numbers of wildlife on the river.

Where to find live bait from.

Anglers always catch their live baits in the early morning before they head up to the falls for lure fishing.

There are mainly 2 fishing traditions in Murchison falls and the artificial baits comprise of rubber baits and rapala lures and they are used for casting off shore fishing which happens at the river banks.

The live fish that is famous is yellow fish, worker, tilapia and tiger fish plus chicken or meat which is used as the dead bait to trap vundu and cat fish.

Equipment needed for fishing Nile perch in Murchison falls national park

Coming with the right equipment is good for you to have a successful experience for fishing safari in Murchison falls and you can try us for the best recommendations on the equipment’s.

Where to stay while fishing in Murchison Falls?

The best lodging options for fishing safari in Murchison falls include Murchison River Lodge for mid-range and Paraa safari lodge for luxury. This is according to their locations and services they offer to the Anglers. However; you visitors may book other facilities such as Pakuba safari lodge, fort Murchison lodge, Baker’s lodge, Twiga safari lodge, Nile safari lodge among others

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