Cheap Gorilla Permits In Rwanda

Although the prices of gorilla permits have been reduced, Rwanda has strict rules for tourists coming into the country

Discounted Gorilla Permits In Rwanda

Are you looking for discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda or cheap gorilla permits during the corona virus pandemic? In an effort to rise the tourism industry during the corona virus pandemic, the government has reduced the prices of gorilla permits between 60-80 percent. This offer is still valid and there are high chances that this offer might go on until the early months of 2021 given the fact that Uganda has also introduced discounted gorilla permits. Discounts on gorilla permits in Uganda will go till the end of March 2021.

The economy of Rwanda has been getting 6 million US dollars every year from tourism.  The current government in Rwanda is fighting and working tirelessly to make the country a leading primate destination in Africa. Worldwide marketing and collaborations with big influential partners had made a small country turn into a popular tourism destination most especially for high end travelers. However in the process the country has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic most especially the tourism sector. With a few travelers and a few flights in this pandemic, Rwanda has been forced to give discounts on tourism related permits so as to kick start the tourism sector. The government have a hope that this will raise the numbers of both local and international tourists’ visiting the country.

Discounted permits in Rwanda

So what is the new deal? Well a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda is now costing $500 for foreign residents, $200 for citizens of east Africa while foreign residents still pay $1500 but can get discounts if the come in large groups. The country thinks that a discount on these gorilla permits will attract more tourists and boast the local tourism. Many local tourists can now afford gorilla permits which were expensive before and they had left gorilla trekking for international tourists who could afford the permits.

Although the prices of gorilla permits have been reduced, Rwanda has strict rules for tourists coming into the country compared to Uganda and DR Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. All tourists coming into the country must possess a certificate showing negative covid-19 tests taken 48 hours before arriving. The tourists will go for another test as soon as they enter into the country and they will wait for their results at their hotels or lodges before going to national parks. Tourists will then be required to maintain a distance of 10 minutes while observing gorillas in volcanoes national park.

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