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Tourist Visa of Virunga National Park is given out by Directorate General of Migration" DGM of Congo.

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Democratic Republic Of Congo Visa

Congo Visa is easily accessed but you have to go through a process and you need to be keen so as to be sure you get the best time in the DR Congo.

When planning to travel to a foreign country, there are certain things that you must have before checking in the desired travel destination and a VISA is among the many documents required. You should research on the documents that are a country requires from a tourist before accessing the planned tour destinations. If you a friend who has travelled to these places, he will give you more information about the travel requirement and you will be ready and you will avoid being disappointed at the last hour.

88% of most foreign countries always require a VISA and in some countries they will require you to be with your passport. For instance Uganda’s passport will allow you to access Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya and you will not be asked a Visa. Americans and Canadians will not ask for Visa to visit each other’s country.

The main documents that are a must have for traveling to foreign country are valid Visa or Valid passport. The expiry should be within more than 6 months for your travel date. Make sure you have a valid Visa as it you will be asked a medical card. The yellow card is required to be valid within 10- year time frame given or you can decide to have an updated card after a new shot.  Always apply for the right business Visa and try to find out why you are going to use this Visa for your business trip. The tourist Visa is cheaper but does not permit the holder to participate in any other business transaction and if caught, the court will penalize you upon unlawfully act. The permit restricts you to participate in leisure activities and for a specific time and it is usually around 2-3 weeks. If you feel like you need to spend more time in the country, you will be allowed if you visit your country’s embassy and request for extension.

If you want to visit DR Congo, you will be asked to apply for a VISA. In case you are coming specifically for touring purposes, you need to be in touch with Kahuzi Biega or Virunga National Park and book your tour package. You may opt for a trusted tour operators like Africa Adventure Vacations so as to help you with this process. You can send your copy of valid passport and they start the process of getting you the package. Congo tourist Visa goes for 105 USD. You will have to at least apply for this Visa for 3 weeks a head of your travelling date as it may not be got at your arrival. Always have your Visa ready before you reach Rusizi 1 border or Goma border. If you do not have the Visa, there are many chances that you will be chased away.  At the border and you will not be allowed to enter the country. Tourist Visa of Virunga National Park is given out by Directorate General of Migration” DGM of Congo.  DR Congo tourist Visa is valid for 14days but an extension can also be organized at an extra charge.

A valid passport is required. Those travelers who have 2 passports are recommended to use one passport for bookings and to make all the transfers for the trip so as to avoid the confusion at the various checkpoints. You will need to have a specific address in Congo and also you will need some one to welcome you to the country and also hosts you.  DGM and Institute Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) agreed together to have an easy Visa application and the have the rights to reject your application.

There are other types of VISAS such as transit visas which will be used when flying through a country and you are having certain stopovers and if you wish to leave the airport. If you are flying in Congo, you will be in touch with the Ethiopian airlines for assistance with your Congo Visa.

Travelling to Congo with this Visa will allow you only into Congo/Goma at the Grand Barrire but not at the Petite Barrier. All visitors are supposed to be with scanned copies of Visa on arrival and remember one the fee is paid it is not refundable. If you feel you now want to cancel the trip, try to read the cancellation policy.

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