Cycling Safari In Lake Mburo National Park

The parks provides a number of activities that include Biking tours,  nature walk, horseback riding, bird watching, game drive and among others.

Cycling Safari In Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling is among the many safari activities that take place in Lake Mburo National Park and visitors enjoy it as they make en route stop overs. The parks provides a number of activities that include biking,  nature walk, horseback riding, bird watching, sport fishing, game drive, boat cruise and among others. Looking at cycling specifically, visitors use bicycles to explore the park. In order to enhance your wildlife Safari you can do cycling activity.

The Park covers an area of 370sq km and thus being small in size but famous for unique wildlife experience. It attracts many travelers to come to Uganda and witness wildlife and do cycling. For lovers of wildlife, you will come to Lake Mburo and watch various wildlife animals like Impalas, Zebras, giant rats and slender Mongoose. You can also spot animals like Hyenas, leopards, topi, elands and Rothschild’s giraffe which was established recently in the park. You can also spot over 325 bird species like African fin Foots, papyrus yellow warblers and are spotted in the wetlands, red-faced barbet are spotted in savannah grass land.

You can explore very well the creatures of the park using a two wheel commonly known as a bicycle for cycling activity. When cycling you will watch closely animals found in the park. Lake Mburo National Park is free for visitors to do their various activities and cycling activity blows their mind.

Cycling activity enables visitors to forget about their tiresome day and they cycle for fun. For inexperienced horse riders, you can try bicycle riding because there are no dangerous animals to fear that they might harm you. Rangers are present to help you and protect you from Buffaloes that might destruct you from the activity.

Lake Mburo National Park has got various cycling routes that take you through the plain and flat savannah grasslands, forested hills and swampy valleys. Cycling activity is organized according to the cycler’s interest. Some visitors love cycling in the flat savannah grasslands whereas others love cycling in the hilly routes therefore it all depends on the interest of the traveler and his or her ability of riding within the park.

Cycling in Lake Mburo National park always takes about 1-2 hours but can be extended if the traveler wishes so. Game rangers from UWA guide travelers on bicycle riding on the safest routes to use when doing the activity. One may decide to do mountain climbing but this activity requires a lot of energy from cyclists because it is quite challenging and hectic but full of fun and adventure with an exciting experience.

Travelers who want to participate in this activity, you are required to come with helmet to be put on the head for bikers, light clothes, snacks and water to eat and drink to refresh the body, binoculars and cameras for taking photography and for viewing distant objects, insect repellent to protect you from insect bites because the park host a lot of insects. A camera will help you to store photos that will help you to always memorize the happy moments you had at your tour safari at Lake Mburo National Park.

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