Cultural Tours In Rwanda

The country has several cultural sites that are crucial for travelers in understanding the culture of Rwanda.

Cultural Tours In Rwanda

Cultural tours in Rwanda are one of the remarkable activities that tourists in Rwanda can include on their tour packages/itinerary to immerse in Rwandan culture. It is always advisable to include cultural tour packages so that tourists with an interest in cultural tours can satisfy their satisfaction to achieve their destination.

There are several different tour activities in Rwanda where you can go relax and explore. Some of these activities include cultural tours, guided canopy and nature walks, Gorilla trekking, genocide tours, chimpanzee trekking, and golden monkey trekking among others. All these have been arranged and prepared for you to achieve your satisfaction for repeat visits.

Besides the above activities, the cultural tours and destinations are very unique because of different cultural diversity in the nation and the strong campaigns that have been employed to revive the local culture which has made Rwanda be one of the leading cultural tour destinations in East Africa.

On your tour to Rwanda, you will explore different cultural groups which include the Twa, Hutu, and the Tutsi. Each of these cultural groups of people has unique characteristics that are responsible for attracting tourists to Rwanda for cultural tours. Rwanda is one of the few countries without kingdom divisions. The country has several cultural sites that are crucial for travelers in understanding the culture of Rwanda. The following are some of the common cultural sites in Rwanda;

The brand cultural village:

You will be rewarded with the great experience of Rwandan culture if you tour the brand cultural village. The cultural village has for long preserved Rwanda culture by using tourism and this has enabled cultural exchange a crucial element of cultural tourism. The cultural members of brand cultural village will showcase their culture to visitors by performing traditional and playing different games such as Igisoro which is played for leisure and increase the linkage between family members in early days

Community members at Banda cultural village are also involved in different activities such as making a local brew, local cuisine, and different local practices. A visit here will help you learn how all these practices are done as the people are hospital and willing to teach you. This cultural tour can further be so exciting by including the visit to Nyungwe Forest National park for Chimp tracking and canopy walks among other activities.

Kitabi cultural center:

This is one of the prominent cultural sites in Rwanda which must be included on your itinerary for Rwanda cultural tours. The Kitabi cultural center is located in Nyungwe forest National Park at the entrance. This park is well known for its primates and variety of activities that do take place here such as chimp tracking, nature walks, among others. This cultural center is constructed in the form of huts which will be able to sport the moment you reach Nyungwe park entrance. These huts are constructed in such a way that they resemble the king’s palace.

Still, at the Nyungwe park entrance, you will be able to see royal guards whose purpose is to guard the palace. The Kitabi cultural center is ranked among the first 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda that you can visit. A visit here will help you spot different groups of people especially women well dressed in their traditional attire which is so amazing to see. These can as well perform cultural dances using Rwanda’s traditional instruments. Women here mostly are involved in baskets weaving as one of their income-generating activities. You can as well support them by buying a souvenir for yourself.

The Kitabi cultural center became prominent because the last king of Rwanda Kigeli V Ndahindurwa constructed his palace hereafter shifting it from Nyanza.

Cultural tours to Ibyiwacu cultural village:

Ibyiwacu cultural village is located in Kinigi adjacent Volcanoes National park. This cultural village is aimed at improving the livelihood of the local communities around the park to stop the illegal poaching by locals in volcanoes National park. Ibyiwacu cultural village or center helps the local communities around Rwanda’s national park by sensitizing the local people on income-generating projects, the importance of community conservation as well as supporting local community small enterprises.

For travelers interested in cultural tours in Rwanda, Ibyiwacu cultural village provides the intuitions for the traditional Rwanda cultural styles that have lived many years ago. You will encounter the local people of Rwanda with their traditional way of life in their environments. You will also encounter the Batwa people who do pottery and you can as well learn how to make traditional pots and buy one if you’re interested.

The king’s palace:

The king’s palace is an important cultural aspect and to tourists for cultural tours in Rwanda. Tourists vising Rwanda’s can’t miss this cultural attraction because of the unique experience and attributes it exhibits to the tourists. It is the replication of one of Rwanda’s last king’s palace. The last king, Ndahindurwa was a great lover of cattle and they were treated well during his tenure. The cow’s taught how to listen to their masters. Your visit here will expose you to cows’ designed in beads and flowers as the king wanted it to be. You don’t need to miss this experience.

Bugesera reconciliation village:

Rwanda genocide of 1994 created a lot of instability, hate speech, hatred, and tribal sentiments. This created people to develop hate and start conflicting with one another. In a bid to reconcile especially the conflicting parties, the government of the Republic of Rwanda came up with an idea of having a different place where such people can reunite and live harmoniously. This led to the born of Busesera reconciliation village and here you can go and have a glimpse of people living happily in life. Be ready to listen to stories of how genocide had separated them and what was the motivation for them to reconcile.

The ethnographic museum:

You don’t need to miss out on the historical museum in Rwanda while on Rwanda’s cultural tours. The museum contains different historical artifacts and instruments.  Tours to the ethnographic museum will help you learn the culture of Rwanda before and after colonization. How did Rwanda look like before colonization? Such a question will be answered once you visit this museum. The museum was contracted by the Belgian government as a way to preserve the culture and show the Rwanda evolution movements.

Rwanda is so diverse in terms of culture with very many cultural sites and activities in addition to her natural attractions like endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and water bodies. You need to incorporated cultural tours when you’re planning your safari to Rwanda tourism destination.

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