Cultural Tours In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visitors also find love with the Kasoga community located at the edge of Kasenyi plains

Cultural Tours In Queen Elizabeth National Park

A number of cultural tours in Queen Elizabeth National park are done near the village of Muhokya is a leopard village which is a social-economic development initiative that promotes cultural and wildlife conservation through ecotourism.

Here, visitors get a chance to tour the traditional huts of the Banyabindi, Bakonzo, and Basongola ethnic group. Watching traditional song and dance performers can be fantastic and interesting while purchasing handicrafts made by local communities can be highly supportive of the local community.

Having conservation with community members about the challenges and opportunities they face, visiting local schools, and discussing traditional village life can be a rewarding experience and offers one chance to know much more about the local people.

While in Queen Elizabeth National park, one can also get a chance to visit the Kikorongo women community to enjoy the vibrant performances, dance, drama, and fire-making. While the interpreter explains the significance of the performances. You can sit back and watch village life unfold itself in front of you. The Kikorongo African aircraft workshop teaches guests how to weave baskets and bowls using local natural fibers.

A tour of Lake Katwe also gives a unique insight into the fascinating yet tough process of salt mining. Seeing the village at work on the lake, across the mud walkways, and entering a traditional hut can be very fascinating. The Katwe village walks welcome into a traditional homestead where cooking demonstrations introduce the cuisines of the region.

The Nyanzibiri cave community offers a perfectly preserved Banyaruguru hut filled with valued local artifacts that were once the tools of everyday life. At this community site, “the cave” one gets to admire panoramic views of volcanic crater lakes, the sound track of crested cranes and eagles.

After having a successful safari drive in the park, sharing your experiences and interacting with the local communities can be rewarding to both parties. Visitors also find love with the Kasoga community located at the edge of Kasenyi plains. The community is situated within the Hamukungu landing site and visitors can do a lot of community activities within this quite interesting community. You just need to book Africa adventure vacations for the best cultural tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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